He had a Tiffany lamp, and antique dining table, and a laser disc video attached to a Sony Trinitron,
but foam cushions on the floor rather than sofas and chairs.
--- John Sculley about Steve Jobs (circa 1983)
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Added by mvealf (67)
Cover by red45

Added on: 16/09/2002
Latest update: 25/07/2022
User updates processed: 8

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Make Mine Music (1946) (Uncut) [SF078-0110]

メイク・マイン・ミュージック (cover)

Country  Japan  
Released  21/10/1985
Publisher  Walt Disney Home Video
Price  7800 JPY

UPC  (none)
I-S-B-N  (none)
Category  Animation

Color  Color
Length  74 min.
Sides  2
Chapters  10
Size  12"
Picture  Academy Ratio
Ratio  1.33:1
Plastic  Transparent
Cover  Standard
Rot status  None reported
Manufactured by  Pioneer Japan



 Sound Encoding  Analog Tracks 
 Language #1  Language #2  Subtitles 
(in picture)

 Mint Marks sample 
SF078-0110-A02   8I200077
SF078-0110-B04   8I190467

 Additional Information by mvealf (67)   30/08/2004 - Last update: 25/07/2022 

Japan only release.

There are Japanese subtitles during the songs.


  • The Martins and the Coys (1946) Internet Movie Database LaserDisc Database (which was cut from the US DVD release)
  • Blue Bayou (1946) Internet Movie Database LaserDisc Database
  • All the Cats Join In (1946) Internet Movie Database LaserDisc Database (which was edited in the DVD release)
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  • Johnnie Fedora and Alice Bluebonnet (1946) Internet Movie Database LaserDisc Database
  • The Whale Who Wanted to Sing at the Met (1946) Internet Movie Database LaserDisc Database

 Additional Information by harveytwh    23/02/2018 

Specifically, All the Cats Join In was later edited to remove "side boob" from the girl as she gets dressed. Originally, she was seen from behind and the side, and the swell of her breasts was drawn, but in the edited version, she is implied to be flat-chested.

 Additional Information by admin (414)   23/12/2019 

Comes with a single-sided insert in Japanese.

 Additional Information by lonerangerface (17)   11/05/2021 

Features trailers at the end for Donald Duck Goes West [SF078-0071], The Hunting Instinct [SF078-0088] and Peter Pan [SF088-0123].