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 Bruce Springsteen: Video Anthology 1978-88 (1989) (NTSC) [42LP-122]
Disc in very good condition. Lyric insert excellent. Cover has paint chips along top/bottom edges. Some bottom front face shelfwear. OBI included BUT the bottom 3/16" of the OBI has been cut off. Always ask for pics (added 2019/04)
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 George Michael: Faith (1988) (NTSC) [35-4P-111]
Disc in mint condition. Cover excellent BUT has no OBI. Always ask for pictures. (added 2015/07)
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 Public Enemy: Fight The Power Live (1989) (NTSC) [CSLM 138]
Disc in mint- condition. Cover and OBI very good, but very slight shelfwear near opening of cover. Cover has 1~3mm corner jamb on lower right corner. Always ask for pictures. (added 2011/09)
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 The Rolling Stones: 25 X 5: The Continuing Adventure of The... (1989) (NTSC) [CSLM 753~4]
Discs in very good condition. Cover corners and face are good. Cover has some slight yellow discoloration spots in some white portions of cover. No OBI. Always ask for pictures. (added 2012/07)
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 This is Dolby Surround Pro-Logic (1990) (NTSC/SRD/CAV) [CSLW 1182]
Disc excellent, very clean. Insert (all in Japanese) in excellent condition. Cover very good condition but NO OBI. Always ask for pictures. (added 2019/08)
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