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 Body of Evidence (1993) (NTSC/SRD) [BELL-589]
Disc excellent. Cover very good with a very faint bit of wear near opening side. Included OBI excellent. Always ask for pictures. (added 2018/03)
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 Companeros (1970) (NTSC/LBX) [BELL-902]
Disc in excellent condition. Cover in excellent condition BUT NO OBI. Included 4 page insert in excellent condition. Always ask for pictures. (added 2015/08)
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 Ghost in the Shell: Premium Box (1995) (NTSC/LBX/SRD/Bilingual/+CAV) [BEAL-921]
COMPLETE SET Discs excellent. Included OBI excellent. Includes BOOKLET and POSTER. Ranked 7 due to a few paint chips on opening end and slight wear on box corners. Always ask for pics. (added 2018/05)
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 Johnny Mnemonic (1995) (NTSC/LBX/SRD/Uncut) [BELL-890]
NEW/SEALED. Looks flawless from outside of original Japanese vented vinyl. Always ask for pictures. (added 2017/01)
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 Johnny Mnemonic (1995) (NTSC/LBX/SRD/Uncut) [BELL-890]
Disc excellent. Cover and included OBI still in Japanese factory vinyl loose wrap. Includes one page Japanese color insert in fine condition. Always ask for pictures. (added 2014/07)
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 Spriggan (1998) (NTSC/LBX/AC3) [BELL-1404]
NEW/SEALED. Always ask for pictures. (added 2016/08)
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