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 3 Worlds of Gulliver, The: PSE (1960) (NTSC/CAV) [PSE92-31]
New in shrinkwrap. Lower right hand corner of cover "pulled in" about 1mm from being perfectly flat due to shrinkwrap. As always, ask for pictures. (added 2009/02)
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 7th Voyage of Sinbad, The: PSE (1958) (NTSC/CAV) [PSE92-29]
Discs are excellent. Cover is fair conditon with a bend in upper right hand corner and some shelfwear. Always ask for pictures. (added 2011/01)
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 Aardman Animations (NTSC/CAV) [LVD9256]
Disc is very good to excellent. Cover is ok, but is slightly worn and has a water spot on lower right hand corner--always send for pictures (added 2010/04)
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 Abbott & Costello Meet the Killer, Boris Karloff: Encore Edition (1949) (NTSC/+CAV) [40661]
NEW/SEALED. In pristine condition. Ranked an 8 due to a the 3mm "punch out" in the upper left hand corner of the cover. Always ask for pictures. (added 2013/11)
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 Abbott & Costello Meet the Monsters Collection (NTSC) [41787]
NEW/SEALED. As with all my discs, always ask for pictures. (added 2010/04)
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 Academy Award's Shorts (1966) (NTSC/Bilingual) [SF058-1716]
Disc has a few faint marks. Cover excellent--no shelfwear or other marks. NO OBI. Always ask for pictures. (added 2018/03)
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 African Queen, The: Limited Commemorative Edition (1951) (NTSC) [5901-80]
Disc excellent. Cover (on disc very good--one crinkle on left side). No shelfwear, corner jams, or seam splits. Outer box very, very good. Includes, cardboard pictures (8 pictures), BUT DOES NOT INCLUDE script, or book by Katharine Hepburn. Always ask fo (added 2011/05)
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 All This and Tex Avery Too! (1992) (NTSC) [ML102484]
Disc in excellent condition. Cover in very good to excellent condition. The cover has just a few light scratches if viewed in reflected sunlight. Always ask for pictures. (added 2011/06)
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 Amazing Stories: vol.6 (1985) (NTSC) [SF078-1512]
Disc and cover in excellent condition. Includes OBI (only mark on obi is "hairline" kink in paint from being folded inside cover.) Always ask for pictures. (added 2010/08)
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 Bambi: 55th Anniversary Limited Edition (1942) (NTSC/SRD/THX) [9505 AS]
Disc is almost mint. Cover is good EXCEPT has a few spots where paint was scraped off. (added 2009/02)
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 Beany and Cecil: Volume 1 (1984) (NTSC) [ID6223RC]
Disc in fair condition, has some spots on it, but disc played through--plays fine. Cover very good EXCEPT has damage on lower 3/4" of right front corner--always ask for pictures. These cartoons are full of 60's era REALLY dumb puns! NOT ON DVD. (added 2010/03)
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 Bob Hope Double Feature: The Princess and The Pirate/They Got Me Covered: PSE (NTSC) [PSE94-49]
Discs almost mint. Cover is mint. (added 2009/01)
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TOTAL = 141
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