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 Cross of Iron (1977) (NTSC/P&S/Uncut) [NJL-38555]
Discs very good. Cover and OBI in very good condition. Always ask for pictures. (added 2017/05)
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 Edward Scissorhands (1990) (NTSC/SRD) [PILF-1555]
NEW/SEALED. Always ask for pictures. (added 2013/12)
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 Ghostbusters (1984) (NTSC/P&S/SRD) [SF047-5334]
Disc excellent. Cover and included OBI in great condition. Includes one page monochrome insert. Always ask for pictures. (added 2018/05)
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 Howard the Duck (1986) (NTSC/P&S/SRD) [SF047-1687]
Disc in very good condition. Cover, OBI and included single sheet insert in excellent condition. Always ask for pictures. (added 2017/09)
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 Howard the Duck (1986) (NTSC/P&S/SRD) [SF047-1687]
Disc excellent. Cover and insert excellent; has corner bump on lower left corner of cover. NO OBI. Always ask for pictures (added 2017/05)
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 Razorback (1984) (NTSC/LBX/SRD) [NJL-38612]
Disc, Cover (with Excellent OBI) and insert all in excellent condition. Always ask for pictures. (added 2017/07)
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 Stand by Me (1986) (NTSC) [PILF-7042]
Disc Very good with a few faint hairlines. Cover excellent with OBI. No Shelfwear with clean sharp corners. Always ask for pictures. Has two marks that can only be seen in reflected light. Always ask for pictures. (added 2016/03)
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 The Band: The Last Waltz (1978) (NTSC/P&S/ANA) [NJEL-99354]
Disc very good. Cover very good--comes complete with OBI and insert. Very slight corner bend (maybe 3~5mm) on lower right corner. Always ask for pictures. (added 2015/10)
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 Thing, The (1982) (NTSC/SRD) [SF047-1632]
Disc Excellent. Obi excellent. Cover very, very good but has 2~3mm bend in lower right corner (similar to bend caused by shrinkwrap too tight). Always send for pictures. (added 2011/01)
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