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 'burbs, The (1989)  (NTSC/P&S/SRD) [40878]
Disc very good with a few very faint marks. Cover has a small bump (maybe 1~3mm) in upper left corner and a couple of stresslines on back. No shelfwear. Always ask for pictures. (added 2019/09)
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 1941: Signature Collection (1979) (NTSC/LBX/SRD/+CAV/Uncut/THX) [PILF-2337]
Discs about mint. Cover excellent with Fine OBI. Box has very clean corners. Very good example of this title. Always ask for pictures. (added 2012/07)
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 Abbott & Costello Meet the Killer, Boris Karloff: Encore Edition (1949) (NTSC/+CAV) [40661]
NEW/SEALED. In pristine condition. Ranked an 8 due to a the 3mm "punch out" in the upper left hand corner of the cover. Always ask for pictures. (added 2013/11)
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 Abbott & Costello Meet the Monsters Collection (NTSC) [41787]
NEW/SEALED. As with all my discs, always ask for pictures. (added 2010/04)
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 Adventures of Priscilla Queen of the Desert, The (1994) (NTSC/LBX/SRD) [800633713-1]
New/Sealed. Always ask for pictures. (added 2016/06)
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 Amazon Women on the Moon (1987) (NTSC/P&S/ANA/+CAV) [40684]
Side 1 of disc is good. Side 2 has a few visible hairlines in reflected light. Cover has a hint of shelfwear and a 1 mm jamb in lower left corner. Always ask for pictures. (added 2013/02)
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 Apartment, The (1960) (NTSC/LBX) [ML101685]
Discs in good condition. Cover fair, but has disc "expressions" on bottom of cover and top edge and also has edgewear top and bottom. Always ask for pictures. (added 2010/08)
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 Applegates (Meet The Applegates) (1991) (NTSC/SRD) [ID8093ME]
Disc is mint-. Cover is very clean with 2 or 3 very, very slight slight stress lines. Has hint of shelfwear in reflected light near top of cover. Always ask for pictures. (added 2013/07)
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 Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery: Special Edition (1997) (NTSC/LBX/DTS) [ID4402LI]
Disc good with a few slight marks. Cover still in shrinkwrap with no spine splits or cover wear, BUT has two "dents" in the cover (one is about 1.5 cm in dia., the other is about 0.7 cm in dia). Always ask for pictures. (added 2016/09)
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 Beautician and the Beast, The (1997) (NTSC/LBX/SRD) [LV334003-WS]
NEW/SEALED. Always ask for pictures. (added 2013/11)
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 Big Green, The (1995) (NTSC/LBX) [6693 AS]
Factory Sealed. Always ask for pictures. (added 2018/01)
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 Big Lebowski, The (1998) (NTSC/LBX/AC3) [ID4500PG]
Disc excellent. Cover very good condition with no shelfwear, no corner jambs, no paint chips; very clean spine lettering. Has two faint stresslines in upper left front corner each about 5~7mm long. Always ask for pictures. (added 2019/05)
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TOTAL = 130
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