I am a private seller, and will try to be as accurate in my descriptions as possible; should you still have any questions, please ask me !

I am able to get hold of a digital camera from time to time, next to my smartphone, so can take and send you pictures if required ( especially of damaged parts ).
Pls ask for pictures should you feel the need !

All discs were free of Laser rot last I viewed them ( may have been years ago ! ), but are sold a is ! On request I can screen a film, but unfortunately, I do not have the time to view all of them fully, and again, it might have been many years since I last viewed any of the discs I am selling...
Please note that if you truly want to be sure it is free of rot, ask me to screen it first ! I'll look at the first 15 and last 5 minutes of all sides for you... If you did not contact me before receiving the item about rot, remember, all items are sold as is ( ! ), and so, no refunds will be given !!!

When I state that a "disc looks fine" this means it looks fine optically ( as judged with my eye ). It has nothing to do with LaserRot or playback !

I have both a Pio 925D and an X9 permanently connected.

I tend to be too careful in rating the covers and discs; some could have been rated higher.

My default service of sending LaserDiscs is the Royal Dutch Mail. But on request, I can send via UPS, DHL, or whatever ( as long as it is available in the NL ). The Royal Dutch Mail is by far the cheapest.
I no longer offer to send without "track & trace"; insurance is only € 2 extra, and therefore has become mandatory !

If we have come to a sale, I'll package the item ( s ), go to the post office, have it weight, and can send you the exact quote via e-mail ( I do have a scale at home and I can look up the prices of most services via the internet to give you an estimate ).

These are the current rates for the Royal Dutch Mail for sending outside Europe; sending within Europe is ( slightly ) cheaper.


0 - 2 kg                     2 - 5 kg                    5 - 10 kg                   10 - 20 kg           

€ 26,80                     € 36,80                    € 60,80                     € 107,80

+/- US $ 32.60          +/- US $ 44.80          +/- US $ 73.84          +/- US $ 130.10


Since € to US $ rates fluctuate, I'll reconvert the final US $ on the day. The final amount I have paid at the Post Office ( in €s ), will be on the receipt.

Items won't be shipped until payment has been confirmed. I do not own a credit card, but it should be possible to directly credit my bank account, send via PayPal ( pls add 4 % to your total ), Western Union or another service ( as long as it is available in the NL ). Sending cash via the post is never a good idea, but I pay most of my eBay purchases thus... AND it WILL be at your own risk !

My eBay user name is " stalbrch " as well. My shop address is:
( for those of you who would rather deal via eBay for the added benefit of having some judicial back up... ) Pls DO note, that I am obligated to sell when an item is sold via eBay, so either buy via eBay, or notify me when you plan to buy via this site ( so I can stop the auction on eBay... ). I prefer to use this site !

I will donate US $ 1 to Julien for every disc I sell via my lddb shop.

I am also willing to trade discs, but a good agreement must be met via e-mail first ! This would be easier for NL and Euro users than for people outside the EU ( but not impossible ).

That's probably it for now, and I can't stress this enough: If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask !!!

Should you want to contact me directly:



PS: my personal collection can be found at this website as well...