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Database found 11 devices on query:  CD-*
 Type  Country  Brand  Model        Specs  Voltage Color   Year
CD PlayerJapan Marantz CD-16DCD/DACAC 100VSilver 1997
CD PlayerJapan Marantz CD-63CDAC 100VBlack 
CD PlayerJapan Marantz CD-94CDAC 100VSilver 
CD PlayerJapan Marantz CD-95CDAC 100VGold 1988
CD PlayerJapan Marantz CD-99SECDAC 100VSilver 1990
CD PlayerJapan Yamaha CD-NT670CD/DACAC 100VSilver 
CD PlayerJapan Yamaha CD-S1000CD/SACDAC 100VSilver 
CD PlayerJapan Yamaha CD-S2000CD/SACDAC 100VBlack 
CD PlayerJapan Yamaha CD-S2000CD/SACDAC 100VSilver 2007
CD PlayerJapan Yamaha CD-S2100CD/SACD/DACAC 100VSilver 
A/V ComponentJapan Sharp CD-V900-BKAC 100VBlack 
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