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 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
PK60-10-002-R LaserKaraoke: Top Ten 60's Hits vol.02 (1996)NTSCUSA
PK60-10-004(E)LaserKaraoke: Top Ten 60's Hits vol.04 (1992) <== TITLE PENDING VALIDATIONNTSCUSA
PK60-10-004-R LaserKaraoke: Top Ten 60's Hits vol.04 (1996)NTSCUSA
PK60-10-005 LaserKaraoke: Top Ten 60's Hits vol.05 (1992)NTSCUSA
PK60-10-006-R LaserKaraoke: Top Ten 60's Hits vol.06 (1996)NTSCUSA
PK70-10-001-R LaserKaraoke: Top Ten 70's Hits vol.01NTSCUSA
PK70-10-005-R LaserKaraoke: Top Ten 70's Hits vol.05NTSCUSA
PK70-10-011-R LaserKaraoke: Top Ten 70's Hits vol.11NTSCUSA
PK80-10-001-R LaserKaraoke: Top Ten 80's Hits vol.01NTSCUSA
PKBE-10-002 LaserKaraoke: Sing The Hits Made PopularbBy The Beatles vol.2NTSCUSA
PKCO-10-005 LaserKaraoke: Top Ten Country Hits vol.05NTSCUSA
PKEJ-10-001 LaserKaraoke: Sing The Hits Made Popular by Elton John vol.1NTSCUSA
PKL-001 LaserKaraoke: Video Sing Along vol.01 (1988)NTSCUSA
PKL-002 LaserKaraoke: Video Sing Along vol.02NTSCUSA
PKL-003 LaserKaraoke: Video Sing Along vol.03 (1992)NTSCUSA
PKL-004 LaserKaraoke: Video Sing Along vol.04 (1988)NTSCUSA
PKL-005 LaserKaraoke: Video Sing Along vol.05 (1988)NTSCUSA
PKL-006 LaserKaraoke: Video Sing Along vol.06 (1988)NTSCUSA
PKL-007 LaserKaraoke: Video Sing Along vol.07 (1988)NTSCUSA
PKL-008 LaserKaraoke: Video Sing Along vol.08NTSCUSA
PKL-009 LaserKaraoke: Video Sing Along vol.09 (1989)NTSCUSA
PKL-010 LaserKaraoke: Video Sing Along vol.10 (1989)NTSCUSA
PKL-011 LaserKaraoke: Video Sing Along vol.11BilingualNTSCUSA
PKL-012 LaserKaraoke: Video Sing Along vol.12NTSCUSA
PKL-013 LaserKaraoke: Video Sing Along vol.13NTSCUSA
PKL-014 LaserKaraoke: Video Sing Along vol.14NTSCUSA
PKL-016 LaserKaraoke: Video Sing Along vol.16NTSCUSA
PKL-018 LaserKaraoke: Video Sing Along vol.18NTSCUSA
PKL-022 LaserKaraoke: Video Sing Along vol.22NTSCUSA
PKL-023 LaserKaraoke: Video Sing Along vol.23NTSCUSA
PKL-026 LaserKaraoke: Video Sing Along vol.26NTSCUSA
PKL-027 LaserKaraoke: Video Sing Along vol.27NTSCUSA
PKL-028 LaserKaraoke: Video Sing Along vol.28NTSCUSA
PKL-034 LaserKaraoke: Video Sing Along vol.34NTSCUSA
PKL-037 LaserKaraoke: Video Sing Along vol.37NTSCUSA
PKL-038 LaserKaraoke: Video Sing Along vol.38NTSCUSA
PKL-040 LaserKaraoke: Video Sing Along vol.40NTSCUSA
PKL-043 LaserKaraoke: Video Sing Along vol.43NTSCUSA
PKL-045 LaserKaraoke: Video Sing Along vol.45NTSCUSA
PKL-046 LaserKaraoke: Video Sing Along vol.46NTSCUSA
PKL-051 LaserKaraoke: Video Sing Along vol.51NTSCUSA
PKL-052 LaserKaraoke: Video Sing Along vol.52NTSCUSA
PKL-053 LaserKaraoke: Video Sing Along vol.53 (1996)NTSCUSA
PKL-054 LaserKaraoke: Video Sing Along vol.54NTSCUSA
PKL-055 LaserKaraoke: Video Sing Along vol.55NTSCUSA
PKL-056 LaserKaraoke: Video Sing Along vol.56NTSCUSA
PKL-057 LaserKaraoke: Video Sing Along vol.57NTSCUSA
PKL-201 LaserKaraoke: Video Sing Along - Country Special vol.01 (1990)NTSCUSA
PKL-202 LaserKaraoke: Video Sing Along - Country Special vol.02 (1992)NTSCUSA
PKL-203 LaserKaraoke: Video Sing Along - Country Special vol.03 (1992)NTSCUSA
PKL-204 LaserKaraoke: Video Sing Along - Country Special vol.04 (1992)NTSCUSA
PKL-205 LaserKaraoke: Video Sing Along - Country Special vol.05 (1993)NTSCUSA
PKL-209 LaserKaraoke: Video Sing Along - Country Special vol.09 (1994)NTSCUSA
PKL-210 LaserKaraoke: Video Sing Along - Country Special vol.10 (1994)NTSCUSA
PKMV-10-001 LaserKaraoke: Sing the Hits Made Popular by the Movies: vol.1 (1997)NTSCUSA
PKND-10-001 LaserKaraoke: Sing The Hits Made Popular by Neil Diamond vol.1 (1994)NTSCUSA
PKPM-10-001 LaserKaraoke: Sing the Hits made Popular by Paul McCartney: vol.1NTSCUSA
PKSI-10-002 LaserKaraoke: Sing The Hits Made Popular by Frank Sinatra vol.2 (1996)NTSCUSA
PKST-10-001-R LaserKaraoke: Top Ten Standards Hits vol.01NTSCUSA
PKST-10-002-R LaserKaraoke: Top Ten Standards Hits vol.02NTSCUSA
PLKNA4002 4 LaserKaraoke: Nederlands 70's vol.1 (1993)8"NTSCNetherlands
PLKNA4003 4 LaserKaraoke: Nederlands 70's vol.2 (1993)8"NTSCNetherlands
PLKNA4004 4 LaserKaraoke: Nederlands 70's vol.3 (1993)8"NTSCNetherlands
PLKNA4005 4 LaserKaraoke: Nederlands 80's vol.1 (1993)8"NTSCNetherlands
PLKNA4006 4 LaserKaraoke: Nederlands 80's vol.2 (1993)8"NTSCNetherlands
PLKNA4007 4 LaserKaraoke: Nederlands 80's vol.3 (1993)8"NTSCNetherlands
PLKNA4010 4 LaserKaraoke: Nederlands 80's vol.6 (1993)8"NTSCNetherlands
PLKNA4012 4 LaserKaraoke: Nederlands 90's vol.2 (1993)8"NTSCNetherlands
PLKNA4014 4 LaserKaraoke: Nederlands 70's vol.4 (1993)8"NTSCNetherlands
PLKNA4015 4 LaserKaraoke: Nederlands 70's vol.5 (1993)8"NTSCNetherlands
PLKNA4016 4 LaserKaraoke: Nederlands 80's vol.7 (1993)8"NTSCNetherlands
PLKNA4018 4 LaserKaraoke: Nederlands 90's vol.4 (1993)8"NTSCNetherlands
PLKNA6001 4 LaserKaraoke: France 60's vol.1NTSCFrance
PLKNA6002 4 LaserKaraoke: France 60's vol.2NTSCFrance
PLKNA6006 4 LaserKaraoke: France 70's vol.3NTSCFrance
PLKNA6009 4 LaserKaraoke: France 80's vol.1NTSCFrance
PLKNA6011 4 LaserKaraoke: France 50's vol.1NTSCFrance
PLKNA6013 4 LaserKaraoke: France 70's vol.6NTSCFrance
PLKNA6016 4 LaserKaraoke: France 80's vol.4NTSCFrance
PLKNA7007 4 LaserKaraoke: Deutsch 70's vol.4NTSCGermany
PLKNA7014 4 LaserKaraoke: Deutsch 80's vol.58"NTSCGermany
PLKNA7023 4 LaserKaraoke: Deutsch 90's vol.28"NTSCGermany
SK-P01 LaserKaraoke: Sample Disc for MIDEM '91 (1991)PALUnited Kingdom
WK50-001A LaserKaraoke: 50's Hits vol.01 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK50-002A LaserKaraoke: 50's Hits vol.02 (1991)8"NTSCUSA
WK50-004A LaserKaraoke: 50's Hits vol.04 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK50-005A LaserKaraoke: 50's Hits vol.05 (1991)8"NTSCUSA
WK50-006A LaserKaraoke: 50's Hits vol.06 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK50-007A LaserKaraoke: 50's Hits vol.07 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK50-008A LaserKaraoke: 50's Hits vol.08 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK50-009A LaserKaraoke: 50's Hits vol.09 (1991)8"NTSCUSA
WK50-010A LaserKaraoke: 50's Hits vol.10 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK50-011A LaserKaraoke: 50's Hits vol.11 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK50-012A LaserKaraoke: 50's Hits vol.128"NTSCUSA
WK50-013A LaserKaraoke: 50's Hits vol.13 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK50-014A LaserKaraoke: 50's Hits vol.14 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK60-001A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits Vol. 1 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK60-001A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.01 Deutsch8"NTSCUSA
WK60-002A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.02 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK60-004A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.04 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK60-005A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.05 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK60-006A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.06 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK60-007A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.07 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK60-008A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.08 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK60-009A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.09 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK60-010A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.10 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK60-011A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.118"NTSCUSA
WK60-012 LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.12 (1988)8"NTSCUSA
WK60-013A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.13 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK60-014A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.14 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK60-015A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.15 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK60-016A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.16 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK60-017A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.17 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK60-018A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.18 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK60-019A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.19 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK60-020A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.20 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK60-021A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.21 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK60-022A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.22 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK60-023A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.23 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK60-024A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.24 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK60-025A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.25 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK60-026A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.26 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK60-027A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.27 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK60-028A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.28 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK60-029A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.29 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK60-030A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.30 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK60-031A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.31 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK60-032A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.32 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK60-033A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.33 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK60-034A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.34 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK60-035A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.35 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK60-036A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.36 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK60-037A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.37 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK60-038A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.38 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK60-040A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.40 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK60-042A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.42 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK60-043A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.43 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK60-044A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.44 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK60-045A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.45 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK60-046A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.46 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK60-049A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.49 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK60-050A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.50 (1992)8"NTSCUSA
WK60-051A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.518"NTSCUSA
WK60-052A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.528"NTSCUSA
WK60-054A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.548"NTSCUSA
WK60-055A LaserKaraoke: 60's Hits vol.558"NTSCUSA
WK70-001A LaserKaraoke: 70's Hits vol.018"NTSCUSA
WK70-002A LaserKaraoke: 70's Hits vol.028"NTSCUSA
WK70-003A LaserKaraoke: 70's Hits vol.038"NTSCUSA
WK70-004A LaserKaraoke: 70's Hits vol.04 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK70-005A LaserKaraoke: 70's Hits vol.05 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK70-006A LaserKaraoke: 70's Hits vol.068"NTSCUSA
WK70-007A LaserKaraoke: 70's Hits vol.078"NTSCUSA
WK70-008A LaserKaraoke: 70's Hits vol.08 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK70-009A LaserKaraoke: 70's Hits vol.09 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK70-010A LaserKaraoke: 70's Hits vol.108"NTSCUSA
WK70-011A LaserKaraoke: 70's Hits vol.118"NTSCUSA
WK70-012A LaserKaraoke: 70's Hits vol.128"NTSCUSA
WK70-013A LaserKaraoke: 70's Hits vol.138"NTSCUSA
WK70-014A LaserKaraoke: 70's Hits vol.148"NTSCUSA
WK70-015A LaserKaraoke: 70's Hits vol.158"NTSCUSA
WK70-016A LaserKaraoke: 70's Hits vol.16 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK70-017A LaserKaraoke: 70's Hits vol.17 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK70-018A LaserKaraoke: 70's Hits vol.18 (1991)8"NTSCUSA
WK70-019A LaserKaraoke: 70's Hits vol.19 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK70-020A LaserKaraoke: 70's Hits vol.208"NTSCUSA
WK70-022A LaserKaraoke: 70's Hits vol.228"NTSCUSA
WK70-023A LaserKaraoke: 70's Hits vol.238"NTSCUSA
WK70-024A LaserKaraoke: 70's Hits vol.24 (1991)8"NTSCUSA
WK70-025A LaserKaraoke: 70's Hits vol.258"NTSCUSA
WK70-026A LaserKaraoke: 70's Hits vol.26 (1991)8"NTSCUSA
WK70-027A LaserKaraoke: 70's Hits vol.278"NTSCUSA
WK70-028A LaserKaraoke: 70's Hits vol.288"NTSCUSA
WK70-029A LaserKaraoke: 70's Hits vol.298"NTSCUSA
WK70-030A LaserKaraoke: 70's Hits vol.308"NTSCUSA
WK70-031A LaserKaraoke: 70's Hits vol.31 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK70-032A LaserKaraoke: 70's Hits vol.328"NTSCUSA
WK70-033A LaserKaraoke: 70's Hits vol.338"NTSCUSA
WK70-034A LaserKaraoke: 70's Hits vol.34 (1991)8"NTSCUSA
WK70-036A LaserKaraoke: 70's Hits vol.36 (1991)8"NTSCUSA
WK70-037A LaserKaraoke: 70's Hits vol.378"NTSCUSA
WK70-042A LaserKaraoke: 70's Hits vol.42 (1992)8"NTSCUSA
WK70-043A LaserKaraoke: 70's Hits vol.438"NTSCUSA
WK70-044A LaserKaraoke: 70's Hits vol.448"NTSCUSA
WK70-047A LaserKaraoke: 70's Hits vol.478"NTSCUSA
WK70-048A LaserKaraoke: 70's Hits vol.488"NTSCUSA
WK80-001-BLaserKaraoke: 80's Hits vol.01 (1992) <== TITLE PENDING VALIDATION8"NTSCUSA
WK80-001A LaserKaraoke: 80's Hits vol.01 (1991)8"NTSCUSA
WK80-002A LaserKaraoke: 80's Hits vol.028"NTSCUSA
WK80-004A LaserKaraoke: 80's Hits vol.04 (1991)8"NTSCUSA
WK80-005A LaserKaraoke: 80's Hits vol.058"NTSCUSA
WK80-006A LaserKaraoke: 80's Hits vol.068"NTSCUSA
WK80-007A LaserKaraoke: 80's Hits vol.078"NTSCUSA
WK80-008A LaserKaraoke: 80's Hits vol.088"NTSCUSA
WK80-009A LaserKaraoke: 80's Hits vol.098"NTSCUSA
WK80-010A LaserKaraoke: 80's Hits vol.10 (1991)8"NTSCUSA
WK80-012A LaserKaraoke: 80's Hits vol.12 (1991)8"NTSCUSA
WK80-013A LaserKaraoke: 80's Hits vol.138"NTSCUSA
WK80-014A LaserKaraoke: 80's Hits vol.148"NTSCUSA
WK80-015A LaserKaraoke: 80's Hits vol.15 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK80-017A LaserKaraoke: 80's Hits vol.17 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK80-018A LaserKaraoke: 80's Hits vol.188"NTSCUSA
WK80-019A LaserKaraoke: 80's Hits vol.19 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK80-020A LaserKaraoke: 80's Hits vol.208"NTSCUSA
WK80-023A LaserKaraoke: 80's Hits vol.23 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK80-025A LaserKaraoke: 80's Hits vol.258"NTSCUSA
WK80-026A LaserKaraoke: 80's Hits vol.268"NTSCUSA
WK80-027A LaserKaraoke: 80's Hits vol.278"NTSCUSA
WK80-028A LaserKaraoke: 80's Hits vol.288"NTSCUSA
WK80-029A LaserKaraoke: 80's Hits vol.298"NTSCUSA
WK80-030A LaserKaraoke: 80's Hits vol.308"NTSCUSA
WK80-044-A LaserKaraoke: 80's Hits vol.44 (1992)8"NTSCUSA
WK80-045A LaserKaraoke: 80's Hits vol.458"NTSCUSA
WK80-046A LaserKaraoke: 80's Hits vol.468"NTSCUSA
WK80-047A LaserKaraoke: 80's Hits vol.478"NTSCUSA
WK80-048A LaserKaraoke: 80's Hits vol.488"NTSCUSA
WK80-049A LaserKaraoke: 80's Hits vol.498"NTSCUSA
WK80-050A LaserKaraoke: 80's Hits vol.508"NTSCUSA
WK80-051A LaserKaraoke: 80's Hits vol.518"NTSCUSA
WKCO-001A LaserKaraoke: Country vol.01 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WKCO-002A LaserKaraoke: Country vol.02 (1988)8"NTSCUSA
WKCO-003A LaserKaraoke: Country vol.03 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WKCO-004-B LaserKaraoke: Country vol.04 (1992)8"NTSCUSA
WKCO-005A LaserKaraoke: Country vol.05 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WKCO-006A LaserKaraoke: Country vol.06 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WKCO-007A LaserKaraoke: Country vol.07 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WKCO-008A LaserKaraoke: Country vol.08 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WKCO-009A LaserKaraoke: Country vol.09 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WKCO-010A LaserKaraoke: Country vol.10 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WKCO-011A LaserKaraoke: Country vol.11 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WKCO-012A LaserKaraoke: Country vol.12 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WKCO-013A LaserKaraoke: Country vol.13 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WKCO-014 LaserKaraoke: Country vol.148"NTSCUSA
WKCO-015A LaserKaraoke: Country vol.15 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WKCO-016 LaserKaraoke: Country vol.168"NTSCUSA
WKCO-017A LaserKaraoke: Country vol.178"NTSCUSA
WKCO-018A LaserKaraoke: Country vol.188"NTSCUSA
WKCO-019A LaserKaraoke: Country vol.198"NTSCUSA
WKCO-020A LaserKaraoke: Country vol.208"NTSCUSA
WKL-002 LaserKaraoke: Video Sing Along vol.02 (1988)ANANTSCUSA
WKL-306 LaserKaraoke: vol.306NTSCUSA
WKST-004A LaserKaraoke: Standards Vol.048"NTSCUSA
WKST-005A LaserKaraoke: Standards Vol.05 (1990)8"NTSCUSA
WK60-009LaserKaraoke: 60s Hits Vol. 9 <== TITLE PENDING VALIDATION8"1988NTSCUSA
WK80-003A LaserKaraoke: 80's Hits vol.03 (1990)8"1990NTSCUSA
WK80-015A LaserKaraoke: 80's Hits vol.15 (1990)8"1990NTSCUSA
WKNU-002A LaserKaraoke: Nursery: vol.2 (1990)8"1990NTSCUSA
WKNU-003A LaserKaraoke: Nursery: vol.3 (1990)8"1990NTSCUSA
WKNU-004A LaserKaraoke: Nursery: vol.4 (1990)8"1990NTSCUSA
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