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Database found 7 titles on query:  Doctor Who:*
 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
EE 1202 Doctor Who: Day of the Daleks (1972)PALUnited Kingdom
BBCV 2003L Doctor Who: Revenge of the Cybermen (1975)ANA1985-08PALUnited Kingdom
EE 1203 Doctor Who: Terror of the Zygons (1975)PALUnited Kingdom
EE 1158 Doctor Who: The Ark in Space (1975)1996PALUnited Kingdom
BBCV 2012L Doctor Who: The Brain of Morbius (1975)ANA1985-08PALUnited Kingdom
5092-80 Doctor Who: The Day of the Daleks (1972)1992-02-13NTSCUSA 
3717-80 Doctor Who: The Five Doctors (1983)1994-08-24NTSCUSA 
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