Listen Al, if I never see you again, I want you to know that I love you very much. I also buried all my LaserDiscs somewhere in the apartment -- right next to the cure for blindness. Good luck.
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 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
VL 1000 Michael Jackson: Making Michael Jackson's Thriller (1983)ANA1984-12PALUnited Kingdom 
VL1000 Michael Jackson: Making Michael Jackson's Thriller (1983)ANA1983NTSCUSA 
VL1029 National Geographic: The Sharks (1982)NTSCUSA
VL1030 National Geographic: Land of the Tiger (1985)1986NTSCUSA
VL1031 National Geographic: Iceland River Challenge (1984)ANANTSCUSA
VL1039 National Geographic: Gorilla (1981)ANA1986NTSCUSA
VL1040 National Geographic: The Incredible Human Machine (1986)P&S/ANANTSCUSA
VL1041 National Geographic: Yukon Passage (1977)ANA1986NTSCUSA
VL1044 45/85: America and the world since World War II: vol. I 1945-1952 (1986)ANA1986NTSCUSA 
VL1045 45/85: America and the world since World War II: vol.II 1953-1960 (1986)ANA1986NTSCUSA 
VL1046 45/85: America and the world since World War II: vol.III 1961-1975 (1986)ANA1986NTSCUSA 
VL1047 45/85: America and the world since World War II: vol. IV 1976-1985 (1986)ANA1986NTSCUSA 
VL1049 Statue of Liberty, The (1985)ANANTSCUSA 
VL1050 National Geographic: African Wildlife (1986)P&S/ANA1986NTSCUSA
VL1051 National Geographic: Save the Panda (1983)1986NTSCUSA
VL1052 National Geographic: Atocha: Quest for Treasure (1986)ANANTSCUSA
VL1056 National Geographic: Rain Forest (1983)ANA1987NTSCUSA 
VL1057 National Geographic: Born of Fire (1983)ANA1987NTSCUSA
VL1063 National Geographic: Secrets of the Titanic (1986)ANA1987NTSCUSA 
VL1068 National Geographic: Miniature Miracle: The Computer Chip (1985)ANANTSCUSA
VL1069 National Geographic: Polar Bear Alert (1982)ANA1987NTSCUSA
VL1070 National Geographic: Creatures of Namib Desert (1977)ANANTSCUSA
VL1072 Spandau Ballet: Over Britain (1983)ANA/CAVNTSCUSA
VL1076 National Geographic: Egypt: Quest For Eternity (1982)ANANTSCUSA
VL1077 National Geographic: Man-Eaters of India (1986)NTSCUSA
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