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Database found 83 titles on query:  VHP781* Browse:  [1]  [2]  [3]    [MAX]
 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
VHP78100 Smokey and the Bandit (1977)MONO1984NTSCJapan 
VHP78101 Kermesse héroïque, La (1935)1984-09-21NTSCJapan 
VHP78102 Pension Mimosas (1935)1984-09-21NTSCJapan 
VHP78106 Rich and Famous (1981)MONONTSCJapan 
VHP78107 Xanadu (1980)STEREO1984-10-21NTSCJapan 
VHP78108 Playboy Video Collector's Edition: vol.2 (1983)1984-10-21NTSCJapan
VHP78109 Playboy Video Collector's Edition: vol.3 (1983)STEREO1984NTSCJapan
VHP78111 Easter Parade (1948)MONO1984NTSCJapan 
VHP78112 Cincinnati Kid, The (1965)STEREO1984NTSCJapan 
VHP78113 Kramer vs. Kramer (1979)MONO1984NTSCJapan 
VHP78114 Gigi (1958)STEREO1984-10-21NTSCJapan 
VHP78115 Golden Voyage Of Sinbad, The (1974)MONO1984NTSCJapan 
VHP78116 Ascenseur Pour L'Echafaud (1958)MONO1984-10-21NTSCJapan 
VHP78117 Rear Window (1954)MONO1984NTSCJapan 
VHP78118 Footloose (1984)P&S/STEREO1984NTSCJapan 
VHP78119 Playboy Video Collector's Edition: vol.4 (1983)STEREO1984NTSCJapan 
VHP78120 There's No Business Like Show Business (1954)MONO1984NTSCJapan 
VHP78121 Forbidden Planet (1956)1984-12-05NTSCJapan 
VHP78123 Lassie Come Home (1943)MONO1984-12-21NTSCJapan 
VHP78124 Lili (1953)MONONTSCJapan 
VHP78126 Blue Lagoon, The (1980)MONO1984-12-05NTSCJapan 
VHP78127 Dark Crystal, The (1982)STEREO1984NTSCJapan 
VHP78128 First Blood (1982)LBX/STEREO1984-12-05NTSCJapan 
VHP78129 Uncommon Valor (1983)STEREONTSCJapan 
VHP78130 Taxi Driver (1976)MONO1984-12-21NTSCJapan 
VHP78132 Rumble Fish (1983)STEREONTSCJapan 
VHP78133 Time Machine, The (1960)MONO1985-01-21NTSCJapan 
VHP78135 Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958)MONO1985NTSCJapan 
VHP78136 Westworld (1973)1985-02-21NTSCJapan 
VHP78138 Fearless Vampire Killers, The: or Pardon Me, But Your Teeth Are in My Neck (1966)MONO1985-03-05NTSCJapan 
VHP78139 Born Free (1966)MONONTSCJapan 
VHP78140 Grizzly (1976)MONONTSCJapan 
VHP78141 Streets of Fire (1984)STEREO1985NTSCJapan 
VHP78142 Jaws 3 (1983)MONO1985NTSCJapan 
VHP78143 Star Trek III: The Search for Spock (1984)P&S/STEREO1985NTSCJapan 
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