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Database found 16 titles on query:  SVV-92*
 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
SVV-9201 Bippy Special 2NTSCJapan
SVV-9202 Dazzling Ikarai SparkleNTSCJapan
SVV-9203 Bodyconscious BustersNTSCJapan
SVV-9204 Uniform Connection: vol.09NTSCJapan
SVV-9205 Itaburi KannonNTSCJapan
SVV-92051 Filled With BeastlinessNTSCJapan
SVV-92052 Uniform Connection: vol.12NTSCJapan
SVV-9206 Trembling BreastsNTSCJapan
SVV-9207 Dream Time ExcessesNTSCJapan
SVV-9209 Uniform Connection: vol.13NTSCJapan
SVV-9210 Rui Sakuragi: The Last of Rui Sakuragi (1992)ANA1992-04-10NTSCJapan 
SVV-9211 Uniform Connection: vol.11NTSCJapan
SVV-9212 NectarNTSCJapan
SVV-9213 Rare Beast 5NTSCJapan
SVV-9216 High School MagazineNTSCJapan
SVV-9218 Holdup 12NTSCJapan
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