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Database found 17 titles on query:  PEASJ50*
 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
PEASJ5001 Pyramid Patrol (1993)1993-08-20LD-ROMJapan
PEASJ5002 Great Pyramid, The (1993)Bilingual1993-08-20LD-ROMJapan
PEASJ5004 J. B. Harold - Manhattan RequiemANA/Bilingual/CAVCancelledLD-ROMJapan
PEASJ5013 Rocket Coaster (1993)1993-12-20LD-ROMJapan
PEASJ5014 Triad Stone (1994)SRD/Bilingual1994-03-25LD-ROMJapan
PEASJ5015 Virtual Cameraman (1993)1993-12-10LD-ROMJapan
PEASJ5019 Hyperion (1994)CAV1994-05-27LD-ROMJapan
PEASJ5020 Virtual Cameraman 2 (1994)1994-04-15LD-ROMJapan
PEASJ5021 Back to the Edo (1994)1994-12-22LD-ROMJapan
PEASJ5022 Don Quixote (1994)1994-12-22LD-ROMJapan
PEASJ5024 Zapping TV Satsui (1994)Bilingual1994-08-25LD-ROMJapan
PEASJ5025 Pretty Illusion - Minayo Watanabe (Bi Ryojon Collection)1995-02-25LD-ROMJapan
PEASJ5029 Pretty Illusion 2 - Yuko Sakaki (Bi Ryujon Collection II) (1994)1995-04-25LD-ROMJapan
PEASJ5030 Dr. Paolo no Totteoki Video (1994)1994-10-25LD-ROMJapan
PEASJ5036 J.B. Harold: Blue Chicago Blues (1995)ANA/Bilingual/CAV1994-04-15LD-ROMJapan
PEASJ5039 Time Gal (1995)1995-03-25LD-ROMJapan 
PEASJ5042 3D Virtual Australia1996-03-11LD-ROMJapan
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