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Database found 28 titles on query:  PA-89*
 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
PA-89-01 Laser Optics II: The Future of Home Entertainment (1989)SRD/CAV1989NTSCUSA 
PA-89-228 Madonna: Ciao Italia (1988)1989NTSCUSA 
PA-89-229 Lovenskjold: La Sylphide: Royal Danish Ballet: NVCNTSCUSA
PA-89-230 Wynton Marsalis: Blues & Swing (1988)NTSCUSA
PA-89-231 Larry Carlton: LiveNTSCUSA
PA-89-232 Britten: Midsummer Night's Dream: Glyndebourne Festival Opera (1989)NTSCUSA
PA-89-233 Gluck: Orfeo Ed Euridice: Glyndebourne Festival OperaP&SNTSCUSA
PA-89-234 Thelonious Monk: Celebrating a Jazz Master (1986)NTSCUSA
PA-89-235 GRP: Super Live In Concert (1988)1989NTSCUSA
PA-89-236 Fleetwood Mac: Tango in the Night (1987)1989NTSCUSA 
PA-89-238 Grateful Dead: So Far (1987)NTSCUSA 
PA-89-239 Lita Ford: Lita (1989)NTSCUSA
PA-89-240 Judds: Across the Heartland (1988)1989NTSCUSA
PA-89-241 Elvis Presley: Loving You (1957)P&S/ANANTSCUSA 
PA-89-242 Love and Rockets: The Haunted Fish Tank (1989)1989NTSCUSA 
PA-89-243 Beethoven Cycle: Guarneri String Quartet (1986)ANANTSCUSA
PA-89-244 Debbie Gibson: Live In Concert - The `Out Of The Blue` Tour (1988)NTSCUSA 
PA-89-245 Lehar: Merry Widow: National Ballet of Canada (1987)NTSCUSA
PA-89-247 Bobby Brown: His Prerogative (1989)1989NTSCUSA
PA-89-248 Jody Watley: Video Classics #1 (1989)NTSCUSA
PA-89-249 Boys: Video Messages from the BoysNTSCUSA
PA-89-250 Reba McEntire: Reba McEntireCAV1989NTSCUSA
PA-89-251 Jets: AirplayNTSCUSA
PA-89-252 New Edition: Past and Present (1989)NTSCUSA 
PA-89-253 Puccini: La Bohème: San Francisco Opera (1988)1989NTSCUSA 
PA-89-254 Dizzy Gillespie: An All-Star Tribute to the Jazz Master (1987)1989NTSCUSA
PA-89-255 Evening with the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, An (1986)1986NTSCUSA
PA-89-256 Verdi: Il Trovatore: Arena Di Verona: Cossotto/Plowright/Bonisolli (1985)NTSCUSA 
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