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 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
MP 1064D Hard Day's Night, A: The Beatles (1964)ANA1984NTSCUSA 
MP005-25TM Down Town Fighting Boogie Woogie Band: Sonezaki shinju part 2 (1981)ANA/CAV1981-10-09NTSCJapan
MP005-U Sonezaki Shinju: Bunraku & Rock (1981)NTSCUSA
MP006-22TE Godiego: On Silk Road Turkey and IranCAV1981-10-09NTSCJapan
MP007-22TE Godiego: On Silk Road India and NepalCAV1981-10-09NTSCJapan
MP015-22MP Tom Jones: This is Tom Jones (1981)ANA/CAV1981-10-09NTSCJapan
MP017-22MP Commodores: In Las Vegas (1981)ANA/CAV1981-10-09NTSCJapan
MP018-22MP The Ventures: Live in L.A.1981-10-09NTSCJapan
MP019-22AT Yanagi George & Rainy Wood: In NightANA/CAV1981-10-09NTSCJapan
MP020-22KT Takanaka World (1981)ANA1981-10-09NTSCJapan
MP020-E Takanaka World (1981)ANA/CAV1985-08PALUnited Kingdom
MP020-U Takanaka World (1981)ANA/CAV1981NTSCUSA
MP023-22KT Masayoshi Takanaka: Rainbow Goblins Story (1981)ANA/CAV1981-10-09NTSCJapan
MP023-U Masayoshi Takanaka: Rainbow Goblins Story (1981)ANA/CAVNTSCUSA
MP024-22MP America: Everywhere (1981)ANA/CAV1981-10-09NTSCJapan
MP025-22MP Knack: Live at Carnegie Hall (1979)ANA1981-12-21NTSCJapan
MP026-25DO Elton John: In Central Park (1980)ANA/Uncut1981-10-09NTSCJapan 
MP027-22MP Blood, Sweat & Tears: In Little Club (1981)ANA/CAV1981-10-09NTSCJapan
MP028-22MP Blondie: Eat to the Beat (1979)ANA/CAV1982-02-21NTSCJapan 
MP031-22MP Joe Cocker: Spirit of Live Concert (1981)ANA/CAV1981-10-09NTSCJapan
MP039-22MP Chaka Khan: Live at Roxy (1981)ANA/CAV1981-12-21NTSCJapan
MP040-22LD Davy Jones: Hello Davy, Davy Jones LiveANA/CAV1981-12-05NTSCJapan
MP046-22LD Masa Takagi: Pastel Color1982-02-21NTSCJapan
MP046-U Masa Takagi: Pastel Color (1982)ANA/Bilingual/CAVNTSCUSA
MP049-22MP Kool & the Gang: Hot & Kool (1982)ANA/CAV1982-03-21NTSCJapan
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