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Database found 65 titles on query:  ML 11* Browse:  [1]  [2]    [MAX]
 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
ML 110 Outlaw Brothers, The (1990)LBX/ANA/Bilingual1989-12-05NTSCHong Kong 
ML 1101 Hooker PrincessNTSCHong Kong
ML 1103 IntimatesBilingualNTSCHong Kong
ML 1105 Click: Sexual Dependence Day (1997)NTSCHong Kong 
ML 1109 Click: The Body Beautiful (1997)NTSCHong Kong 
ML 111 To Spy With Love (1990)LBX/ANA1989-11-08NTSCHong Kong 
ML 1111 Troublesome Night 3 (Yam yeung lo ji sing goon faat choi) (1998)LBX/Bilingual1998NTSCHong Kong 
ML 1112 Last Lives (1997)P&S1998NTSCHong Kong 
ML 1116 Ex, The (1996)NTSCHong Kong 
ML 1117 Click: In the Heat of the Click (1997)NTSCHong Kong 
ML 1119 Island of Greed (Hak gam) (1997)LBX/BilingualNTSCHong Kong 
ML 112 Stage Door Johnny (1990)LBX1991-01-16NTSCHong Kong 
ML 1124 Public Enemy (1996)NTSCHong Kong 
ML 1125 He Comes from Planet K (Gang xing xian sheng) (1997)LBX/Bilingual1997NTSCHong Kong 
ML 1126 Hardball (1997)P&SNTSCHong Kong 
ML 1127 Hitman (1998)LBX/BilingualNTSCHong Kong 
ML 1128 God.Com (1998)NTSCHong Kong 
ML 1129 Blacksheep Affair, The (Bik Huet Laam Tin) (1998)LBX/BilingualNTSCHong Kong 
ML 113 An Eye for an Eye (1990)LBX/ANA1989-10-10NTSCHong Kong 
ML 1130 Darkdrive (1997)P&SNTSCHong Kong 
ML 1132 Business for Pleasure (1997)LBXNTSCHong Kong 
ML 1133 Raped By An Angel 2: The Uniform Fan (1998)LBX/BilingualNTSCHong Kong 
ML 1134 Legend of the Mummy (Bram Stoker's The Mummy) (1997)P&SNTSCHong Kong 
ML 1136 We All Fall Down (1997)NTSCHong Kong 
ML 1137 Seven Years in Tibet (1997)LBX1998NTSCHong Kong 
ML 1138 Acts of Betrayal (1997)P&SNTSCHong Kong 
ML 1139 Ghidorah, the Three-Headed Monster (1964)P&S1998NTSCHong Kong 
ML 114 Orders from Forbidden City (1986)LBX/ANA/Bilingual1989-11-08NTSCHong Kong 
ML 1140 Lucky Guy, The (1998)NTSCHong Kong 
ML 1141 Mars (1997)P&SNTSCHong Kong 
ML 1142 Destroy all Monsters (1968)LBX1998NTSCHong Kong 
ML 1145 Big City Blues (1997)P&S1998NTSCHong Kong 
ML 1146 Godzilla vs Gigan (Chikyu kogeki meirei: Gojira tai Gaigan) (1972)LBX1998NTSCHong Kong 
ML 1148 Hold You Tight (Yue kuai le, yue duo luo) (1997)LBX/Bilingual1998NTSCHong Kong 
ML 1149 Deep Rising (1998)LBXNTSCHong Kong 
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