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 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
ID6600PO Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS (1974)P&S1989NTSCUSA 
ID6601PO Ilsa: Harem Keeper of the Oil Sheiks (1976)P&S1990NTSCUSA 
ID6602PO Ilsa: The Wicked Warden (1977)P&S1989NTSCUSA 
ID6606CN Tempest, The (Shakespeare's) (1983)NTSCUSA
ID6607CN Tragedy of Anthony & Cleopatra, The (1983)1989NTSCUSA 
ID6610HA Jonny Quest: Volume 1 (1964)1989NTSCUSA 
ID6611HA Jetsons Meet the Flintstones, The (1987)1989NTSCUSA 
ID6612HA Jack & the Beanstalk (1967)1989NTSCUSA 
ID6613HA Animal Follies: Hanna Barbera Personal Favorites (1957)1989NTSCUSA 
ID6614HA Hanna-Barbera Personal Favorites: The Flintstones (1960)1989NTSCUSA 
ID6615HA Scooby Doo: Hanna Barbera Personal Favorites (1969)1989NTSCUSA 
ID6616HA Ricochet Rabbit (1964)NTSCUSA
ID6617HA Yogi Bear: Hanna Barbera Personal Favorites (1958)1989NTSCUSA 
ID6618HA Huckleberry Hound & Friends (1958)1989NTSCUSA 
ID6619HA Space Ghost and Dino Boy (1966)1989NTSCUSA 
ID6621TS Chances Are (1989)P&S/SRD1989NTSCUSA 
ID6622TS Slaves of New York (1989)P&S/SRD/+CAV1989NTSCUSA 
ID6623TS Tap (1989)P&S/SRDNTSCUSA 
ID6624IV L.A. Bounty (1989) P&S/SRDNTSCUSA 
ID6625IV Up Your Alley (1988)P&SNTSCUSA 
ID6626IV Domino (1988)P&S1989NTSCUSA 
ID6630VE Gleaming The Cube (1989)P&SNTSCUSA
ID6631VE Dream A Little Dream (1988)SRDNTSCUSA 
ID6632ME Skin Deep (1989)P&S/SRD1989NTSCUSA 
ID6633IV Rooftops (1989)NTSCUSA 
ID6635OR Wings of Desire: CinemaDisc Collection (1987)P&S/SRD/Bilingual1998-12-29NTSCUSA 
ID6636NW Vineyard, The (1989)P&S/SRDNTSCUSA 
ID6637NW Terminal Force (1989)P&SNTSCUSA 
ID6638RC Miss Sadie Thompson (1953)1989NTSCUSA 
ID6639RC Three Stooges, The: vol.08NTSCUSA
ID6640RC Sense of LossNTSCUSA
ID6641RC Jubal (1956)P&S1990NTSCUSA 
ID6642RC They Came to Cordura (1959)P&S/+CAVNTSCUSA 
ID6643RC White Line Fever (1975)+CAV1990NTSCUSA 
ID6644RC Two Rode Together (1961)P&S1989NTSCUSA 
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