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Database found 10 titles on query:  ID649*
 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
ID6490RC Columbia Pictures Cartoon ClassicsCancelledNTSCUSA
ID6491RC Moon in the Gutter, The (La lune dans le caniveau) (1983)CancelledNTSCUSA 
ID6492RC Bob le flambeur: CinemaDisc Collection (1955)P&S1989NTSCUSA 
ID6493RC I Never Sang For My Father (1970)P&S1989NTSCUSA 
ID6494RC Sirocco (1951)1990NTSCUSA 
ID6495RC Baby, The Rain Must Fall (1964)P&S1989NTSCUSA 
ID6496RC Marooned (1969)CancelledNTSCUSA 
ID6497RC La Nuit De VarennesNTSCUSA
ID6498RC After The Rehearsal (1984)1992-12-31NTSCUSA 
ID6499IV Thunderbirds in Outer Space (1981)1989NTSCUSA 
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