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Database found 11 titles on query:  ID523*
 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
ID5230VE Cardinal, The (1963)LBX/SRD1988NTSCUSA 
ID5231NW Kandyland (1987)P&S/SRDNTSCUSA 
ID5231OR Throw Momma From The Train (1987)P&S/SRD1988NTSCUSA 
ID5232VE Wraith, The (1986)P&SNTSCUSA 
ID5233VE Rawhead Rex (1986)P&S1988NTSCUSA 
ID5234VE Running Man, The (1987)P&S1988NTSCUSA 
ID5235VE Story of O: Part 2 (1984)P&S/ANANTSCUSA 
ID5236VE Neil Young: Rust Never Sleeps (1979)NTSCUSA 
ID5237VE Pink Floyd: At Pompeii (1972)1988NTSCUSA 
ID5238VE Final Countdown, The (1980)P&S1990NTSCUSA 
ID5239VE American Werewolf in London, An (1981)P&SNTSCUSA 
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