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 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
ID2200EF Rock Video Girls: vol.31993-02-05NTSCUSA
ID2202WV Twin Peaks: vol.1 First Season (1990)SRD1993-05-26NTSCUSA 
ID2203IN Boudu sauvé des eaux (1932)1996-01-17NTSCUSA 
ID2204PR There's Nothing Out There (1992)P&S1993-05-26NTSCUSA 
ID2205CT Crystal Triangle (1987)1993-03-19NTSCUSA 
ID2206PR Strangers (1991)P&S1993-04-29NTSCUSA 
ID2207CT Dog Soldier: Shadows of the Past (1989)1993-02-25NTSCUSA 
ID2208FL Wicked City (Yao shou du shi) (1992)LBX/Bilingual/+CAV1996-05-01NTSCUSA 
ID2209IN Diary of a Country Priest, The: CinemaDisc Collection (1951)1996-01-24NTSCUSA 
ID2210TU Grand Isle1993-05-19NTSCUSA
ID2211AC Steele's Law (1991)Uncut1993-07-21NTSCUSA 
ID2211TU Lady Mobster (1988)CancelledNTSCUSA 
ID2213TU Crazy In Love (1992)1993-06-02NTSCUSA 
ID2214WV To Catch A Killer (1992)1993-08-04NTSCUSA 
ID2217OR Raise The Red Lantern (1991)SRD/+CAV1993NTSCUSA 
ID2218OR Woman's Tale, A (1991)P&S1993-10-27NTSCUSA 
ID2220TU Railway Station Man, The (1992)1993-08-18NTSCUSA 
ID2221TU T Bone N Weasel (1992)P&S1993-08-04NTSCUSA 
ID2222PL Playboy's Bedtime Stories (1987)1993-03-19NTSCUSA
ID2224LI Does This Mean We're Married? (1991)P&S1993-02-25NTSCUSA 
ID2225CT Area 88: Act 1 - The Blue Skies of Betrayal (1985)1993-08-25NTSCUSA 
ID2226CT Area 88: Act 2 - The Requirements of Wolves (1985)1993-10-20NTSCUSA 
ID2227CT Area 88: Act 3 - Burning Mirage (1986)1993-10-20NTSCUSA 
ID2228CT Explorer Woman Ray (1989)1993-08-04NTSCUSA 
ID2229CT Rumik World: vol.1 Fire Tripper (1985)1993-06-16NTSCUSA 
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