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 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
I-0030 Deep Throat (1972)+CAV/UncutNTSCUSA 
I0004 Urban Cowgirls (1982)NTSCUSA 
I0005 Devil in Miss Jones, The (1984)ANA/CAVNTSCUSA
I0007 InsatiableNTSCUSA
I0008 Younger the Better, The+CAVNTSCUSA
I0009 Ecstasy Girls, The (1979)ANA/+CAVNTSCUSA 
I0012 Girl From S.E.X., The (1982)ANA/+CAVNTSCUSA 
I0015 Let's Talk Sex (1983)ANA/+CAVNTSCUSA
I0016 Centerspread Girls (1982)ANA/+CAVNTSCUSA 
I0018 Inside Desiree Cousteau+CAVNTSCUSA
I0020 Virginia (1983)+CAVNTSCUSA
I0022 Swedish Erotica #39 (1981)ANANTSCUSA 
I0023 Hot Blooded (1983)ANA/+CAVNTSCUSA
I0024 Girls of the NightNTSCUSA
I0026 Young Like It Hot, The (1983)ANA/+CAVNTSCUSA 
I0027 Sex World (1979)P&S/ANA/+CAVNTSCUSA
I0028 Candy Goes to Hollywood (1979)P&S/ANA/+CAVNTSCUSA 
I0032 Debbie Does Dallas 2 (1982)ANA/+CAVNTSCUSA
I0037 Pink and Pretty (1986)ANA/+CAVNTSCUSA 
I0040 Marilyn Chambers #3 Private Fantasies (1984)ANANTSCUSA
I0041 Debbie Does 'Em All (1985)ANA/+CAVNTSCUSA 
I0042 Peeping TomNTSCUSA
I0043 Traci, I Love You (1987)ANA/+CAVNTSCUSA 
I0043 Traci, I Love You (1987)ANA/+CAVNTSCUSA 
I0045 Dixie Ray, Hollywood StarNTSCUSA
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