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Database found 10 titles on query:  CC145*
 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
CC1450L Seven (Se7en): Special Edition: Criterion #298 (1995)LBX/AC3/+CAV1996-03-27NTSCUSA 
CC1451L Tristana: Criterion #299 (1970)LBX1996-05-01NTSCUSA 
CC1452L Waltz of the Toreadors: Criterion #300 (1962)LBX1996-05-01NTSCUSA 
CC1453L Dead Presidents: Special Edition: Criterion #301 (1995)LBX/AC31996-06-19NTSCUSA 
CC1454L Earrings of Madame de...: Criterion #302 (1953)1996-06-05NTSCUSA 
CC1455L Magician, The: Criterion #303 (1958)1997-03-26NTSCUSA 
CC1456L El Cid: Special Edition: Criterion #304 (1961)LBX/AC3/Uncut1996-10-09NTSCUSA 
CC1457L Dead Ringers: Special Edition/Crimes of the Future: Criterion #305 (1988)LBX/SRD/+CAV1996-08-21NTSCUSA 
CC1458L This Sporting Life: Criterion #306 (1963)LBX1996-07-17NTSCUSA 
CC1459L Stranger Than Paradise: Criterion #307 (1984)LBX1998-09-02NTSCUSA 
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