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Database found 22 titles on query:  AUP*
 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
AUPHD3507 M:I:3 (Mission: Impossible 3)1080pAustralia 
AUPHD3519 Shooter1080pAustralia
AUPHD3521 Transformers (2007)1080pAustralia 
AUPHD3525 Nacho Libre1080pAustralia
AUPHD3527 Black Rain (1989)1080pAustralia 
AUPHD3531 U2 Rattle And Hum1080pAustralia 
AUPHD3533 Manchurian Candidate, The1080pAustralia
AUPHD3535 Top Gun (1986)1080pAustralia 
AUPHD3537 Disturbia (2007)1080pAustralia 
AUPHD3539 Norbit (2007)1080pAustralia 
AUPHD3541 Star Trek: The Original Series Season One1080pAustralia
AUPHD3542 Black Snake Moan1080pAustralia
AUPHD3544 Sahara1080pAustralia
AUPHD3545 Lara Croft: Tomb Raider (2001)1080pAustralia 
AUPHD3546 Italian Job, The (2003)1080pAustralia 
AUPHD3547 Four Brothers (2005)1080pAustralia
AUPHD3560 Shrek the Third (2007)1080pAustralia 
AUPHD3561 Next (2007)1080pAustralia 
AUPHD3562 Stardust (2007)20081080pAustralia 
AUPHD3564 Mighty Heart, A1080pAustralia 
AUPHD3565 Heartbreak Kid, The (2007)20081080pAustralia 
AUPHD3566 Into The Wild (2007)1080pAustralia
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