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Database found 40 titles on query:  Covers inserted by silgin50 (15) Browse:  [1]  [2]    [MAX]
 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
ID3492TU 100 Years of Olympic Glory (1996)1996-08-14NTSCUSA
PA-85-103 Adam: Giselle: Kirov Ballet: Fedotov (1983)ANA1990-10-05NTSCUSA
ID6541TU Back to Bataan (1945)1989NTSCUSA 
4602-80 Charge of the Light Brigade, The (1936)ANA1984NTSCUSA 
V1092L Day After Trinity, The: Special Edition: Voyager Collection1995-07-19NTSCUSA
1019 LV Dirty Harry (1971)P&S/ANA1983NTSCUSA 
12502 AS Disney's Sing Along Songs: Vol. 10 Collection of All-Time Favorites (1997)1997-11-05NTSCUSA
30405 Dodsworth (1936)ANA1985NTSCUSA 
PA-84-082 Don Quixote: American Ballet Theatre: Baryshnikov (1984)NTSCUSA 
20505 Enigma (1969)P&S/ANA1983-12-01NTSCUSA 
6396-80 Faerie Tale Theatre: Thumbelina (1983)ANA1984NTSCUSA 
4524-80 Fiddler on the Roof (1971)ANA1983NTSCUSA 
ID7074TU Gunga Din: RKO Classics (1939)1991-06-07NTSCUSA 
CLV1342 Help!: The Beatles (1965)1995-11-14NTSCUSA 
4626-80 Jezebel (1938)ANA1985NTSCUSA 
CC1104L Lady Vanishes, The: Criterion #4 (1938)ANA1985NTSCUSA 
20575 Lion in Winter, The (1968)P&S/ANANTSCUSA 
4635-80 Moby Dick (1956)ANA1984NTSCUSA 
PC-96-123 Mozart: Le Nozze Di Figaro: Opera De Lyon1997-09-02NTSCUSA
11473LV Music Man, The (1962)P&S/ANA1986NTSCUSA 
MDA-001-US My Lucky Stars (1985)LBXNTSCHong Kong 
V1084L National Air & Space Museum: #1 Archival Videodisc: Voyager Collection (1983)CAV1995-03-15NTSCUSA
ID4091MM National Parks (1996)1998-01-28NTSCUSA
ML100480 National Velvet (1944)ANA1988NTSCUSA 
81306 Nicholas & Alexandra (1971)LBX1996-03-26NTSCUSA 
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