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Database found 78 titles on query:  Covers inserted by publius (14) Browse:  [1]  [2]  [3]  [4]    [MAX]
 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
NRLL-1021 AD Police File-1: Maboroshi no Onna1990-06-22NTSCJapan 
AD096-004 AD Police Files: vol.1 Phantom/Ripper (1990)Bilingual1996-07-10NTSCUSA
AD096-005 AD Police Files: vol.2 Tongue/VideosBilingual/+CAV1996-07-10NTSCUSA
BVLL-523 Akachan to Boku (Baby & Me): vol.1 (1996)1996-11-25NTSCJapan
KILA 3002 All Purpose Cultural Cat Girl Nuku Nuku: Phase 0II (1992)CAV1998-01-21NTSCJapan 
ID2225CT Area 88: Act 1 - The Blue Skies of Betrayal (1985)1993-08-25NTSCUSA 
PILA-1370A Armitage III: Polymatrix (1997)LBX/AC31997-10-07NTSCUSA 
ID2885CT Blue Sonnet #1 (1989)1995-09-20NTSCUSA 
ID2891CT Blue Sonnet #21995-12-13NTSCUSA 
AD096-006 Bubblegum Crash: #1 Illegal Army (1991)Bilingual1996-06-26NTSCUSA 
AD096-007 Bubblegum Crash: #2 Geo Climbers (1991)Bilingual1996-06-26NTSCUSA 
AD096-008 Bubblegum Crash: #3 Meltdown (1991)Bilingual1996-06-26NTSCUSA 
AD092-002 Bubblegum Crisis #1: Ep. 1-3 (1987)NTSCUSA 
AD092-003 Bubblegum Crisis #2: Ep. 4NTSCUSA 
AD092-004 Bubblegum Crisis #3: Ep. 5-6NTSCUSA 
AD092-005 Bubblegum Crisis #4: Ep. 7-8NTSCUSA 
CAVBW/001 Burn Up W! #1: Skin Dive (1995)Bilingual/CAV1996-09-03NTSCUSA 
070 231-1 Carl Orff: Carmina Burana: Seiji Ozawa (1990)1991-08-13NTSCUSA
KILA 72 Compiler: vol.2 Yo no Sho (Yang Chapter) (1994)CAVNTSCJapan
K78L-1004 Cosmo Police Justy (1985)ANA1986-06-21NTSCJapan
AD097-022 Crusher Joe: The Movie (1983)1997-07-15NTSCUSA
AD097-023 Crusher Joe: The OVAs (1989)1997-09-09NTSCUSA
ID2900CT Cyber City Oedo 808 #1 (1991)Bilingual1996-06-26NTSCUSA 
LKL-216 Cyber City Oedo 808: Data 3ANANTSCJapan 
RCDV-1018 David Bowie: Sound+Vision Plus (1989)5"1989NTSCUSA
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