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Database found 85 titles on query:  Covers inserted by hardyangel (3) Browse:  [1]  [2]  [3]  [4]    [MAX]
 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
PILF-1560 Indiana Jones TrilogyLBX/SRD1993-01-25NTSCJapan
ML-2 James Dean: Complete Collection1991-09-01NTSCJapan
42583 Jaws: Limited Edition: Signature Collection (1975)LBX/+CAV/THX1995-11-28NTSCUSA 
RWL-12217 Last Boy Scout, The (1991)LBX/SRD1992NTSCJapan 
NJEL-11519 Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985)P&S/SRD1990-12-16NTSCJapan 
PILF-2472 Millennium: 1st Season vol.1 (1996)SRD1997-12-10NTSCJapan 
PILF-2473 Millennium: 1st Season vol.2 (1997)SRD1998-02-10NTSCJapan 
8607-85 Mrs. Doubtfire: Collector's Edition (1993)LBX/SRD/+CAV/THX1995-03-29NTSCUSA 
PILF-1588 Nemesis: Director's Cut (1992)P&S/SRD/Uncut1993-03-25NTSCJapan 
6701 AS Nixon: Collector's Edition (1995)LBX/AC31996-08-14NTSCUSA 
ID3629HL Odyssey (1997)1997-09-03NTSCUSA 
PILF-2186 Omen, The: Trilogy: Collector's SetLBX1996-08-09NTSCJapan
AU1-95 Once In A LifetimeNTSCHong Kong
Z0121 Oriental TemptationsNTSCUSA
PCLP-00010 Peacock King (1988)SRD/CAV1989-12-06NTSCJapan 
ID4480PL Playboy: Gen-X Girls (1998)1998-09-16NTSCUSA
CDV 70016 Police Academy (1984)P&S1990PALNetherlands 
ML104865 Poltergeist (1982)LBX/SRD/CAV/Uncut1994-07-20NTSCUSA 
1515-35 Predator (1987)P&S1990PALFrance 
PILR-7063 Punisher, The (1989)SRD/Uncut1993-10-22NTSCJapan 
Z0435 Pussywhipped (1994)+CAV1995NTSCUSA 
1978-35 Rapid Fire (1992)SRD1993PALFrance 
02.12031 Robocop 2 (1990)LBX/SRDPALGermany 
25473.030 Rock, The (1996)LBX/SRDPALGermany 
ULV3130 Sex and Zen (Yu pu tuan zhi: Tou qing bao jian) (1991)LBXNTSCHong Kong 
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