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Database found 403 titles on query:  Covers inserted by cold_sleeper   Browse: [1]  [2]  [3]  [4]  [5] .. [13] .. [17]   [MAX]
 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
NDH-011 Black Sabbath (1963)ANA1985-09-25NTSCJapan 
CC1439L Blood for Dracula: Andy Warhol's: Special Edition: Criterion #287 (1974)LBX1996-10-30NTSCUSA 
SF078-5036 Blow-Up (1966)ANA1985NTSCJapan 
SRLP-5116 Blue Sky (1994)SRD1996-01-21NTSCJapan 
SF108-1391 Boccaccio '70 (1962)LBX/ANA/Uncut1987-12-15NTSCJapan 
PILF-7400 Boot, Das (1981)LBX/AC3/Uncut1999-11-26NTSCJapan 
SF128-1222 Bozzetto: Allegro Non Troppo (1976) CAV/Uncut1987-02-25NTSCJapan 
CC1494L Breaking the Waves: Special Edition: Criterion #343 (1996)LBX/SRD1997-06-11NTSCUSA 
VL5017 Breathless (1983)P&S/ANA1983NTSCUSA 
K88L-5083 Bugsy Malone (1976)ANA1987-06-21NTSCJapan 
POLV-1718 Cardigans: Life The True Story (1995)Bilingual1995-10-25NTSCJapan 
A78L-7013 Carefree: RKO Classics (1938)ANA1988-06-21NTSCJapan 
ID2659NH Caroline At Midnight (1994)SRD1994-03-16NTSCUSA 
ID3374LI Carried AwayLBX/SRD1996-10-02NTSCUSA 
ID3758HL Celestial Clockwork (1995)1997-03-19NTSCUSA 
NDH-114 Charlotte for Ever (1985)LBXNTSCJapan 
STLI-2001 Cherchez l'idole (1963)1993-06-21NTSCJapan 
SF128-1277 Chinese Animation Film: vol.1 Cowherd's Flute ANA/CAV1987NTSCJapan
NDS-2030 Chushingura (1938)NTSCJapan 
3036 AS Ciao, Professore! (1992)LBX1995-01-12NTSCUSA 
ID4439BM Clockwatchers (1997)LBX/SRD1998-11-24NTSCUSA
K88L-5074 Cold Room, The (1984)ANA1987-04-21NTSCJapan 
SF078-5095 Collector, The (1965)ANA1986NTSCJapan 
PILF-1663 Color of Pomegranates, The (1968)1993NTSCJapan 
LV 12900 Comfort of Strangers, The (1990)1995-02-08NTSCUSA 
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