He had a Tiffany lamp, and antique dining table, and a laser disc video attached to a Sony Trinitron,
but foam cushions on the floor rather than sofas and chairs.
--- John Sculley about Steve Jobs (circa 1983)
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 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
PILF-2176 African Queen, The (1951)1996-05-25NTSCJapan 
SF098-5097 Against All Odds (1984)SRD/ANANTSCJapan 
SRLP-5083~4 Age of Innocence, The (1993)LBX/SRD1994-09-21NTSCJapan 
PILD-1106 Ahiru No Uta Ga Kikoetekuruyo (1993)LBX1994-04-25NTSCJapan 
PILD-1062 Aimed School, The (1981)LBX1991-11-25NTSCJapan 
MP161-25DO Air Supply: In HawaiiANA1984-06-21NTSCJapan
PILF-1941 Air Up There, The (1994)SRD1994-12-21NTSCJapan 
CSLW 1223 Air-Show, The: Aerobatic Teams of the World (1986)SRD1990-06-01NTSCJapan
PILF-2057 Airborne (1993)SRD1995-08-25NTSCJapan 
PILF-2059 Airheads (1994)SRD1995-08-25NTSCJapan 
SF078-1098 Airwolf 2: Mission Airwolf (1985)ANA1986NTSCJapan 
LSTD01278 Akakage (Red Shadow): 3-D Adventure Movie (1969)NTSCJapan 
AKKO-0001 Akiko Yano: Demae Concerto (1987) NTSCJapan
75L6-8061 Akina Nakamori: Akina East Live - 8th AnniversaryNTSCJapan
07PL-15 Akina Nakamori: Bitter & Sweet - 1985 Summer Tour (1985)SRD1985-12-21NTSCJapan
30PL-2001 Akina Nakamori: Bitter & Sweet8"/SRD1988-01-25NTSCJapan
07PL-11 Akina Nakamori: Hajimemashite1985-06-25NTSCJapan
PILJ-1117 Al Di Meola Project: Live at the Palladium (1991)1992-09-25NTSCJapan
PILA-1279 Aladdin (1992)LBX/SRD/CAV/THX1994-09-21NTSCJapan 
PILA-1403 Aladdin and Jasmine Moonlight Magic1997-01-25NTSCJapan
PILA-1431 Aladdin's Arabian Adventure: Sea No Evil1997-08-24NTSCJapan
PILA-1391 Aladdin: Creatures of Invention (1998)Bilingual1996-08-25NTSCJapan 
PILA-1430 Aladdin: The Magic Trap1997-08-24NTSCJapan
PILA-1355 Aladdin: TV series: Aladdin Kiki Ippatsu1995-12-22NTSCJapan 
PILA-1356 Aladdin: TV series: Ganbare JinnyBilingual1995-12-22NTSCJapan 
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