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Database found 89 titles on query:  Laserdiscs contributed by ldlover Browse:  [1]  [2]  [3]  [4]    [MAX]
 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
A098 Aces Go Places IV (1986)BilingualNTSCHong Kong 
A109 Aces Go Places V (1989)BilingualNTSCHong Kong 
OL-197 Alan & Eric, Between Hello and Goodbye (1991)P&S/BilingualNTSCHong Kong 
PCLP-00512 Art of Fighting 2 (1994)1994-05-20NTSCJapan
PCLP-00605 Art of Fighting: Ryuuko no Ken Gaiden (1996)1996-06-05NTSCJapan
VILF-49 Bakuen Campus Guardress: vol.1 (1994)CAVNTSCJapan
VILF-50 Bakuen Campus Guardress: vol.2CAVNTSCJapan
VILF-51 Bakuen Campus Guardress: vol.3CAVNTSCJapan
VILF-52 Bakuen Campus Guardress: vol.4CAVNTSCJapan
ULV3561 Bloody Friday (1996)LBX/BilingualNTSCHong Kong 
W0060 H89 Cherry Blossoms (1988)NTSCHong Kong 
SEL0676H95 China Dragon (1995)Bilingual1995NTSCHong Kong 
ML 522~3 Chinese Odyssey, A (1994)BilingualNTSCHong Kong 
EL 001 Chinese Torture Chamber Story, A: Part I (1995)BilingualNTSCHong Kong 
EL 002 Chinese Torture Chamber Story, A: Part II (1995)BilingualNTSCHong Kong 
ID2878CT Detonator Orgun #1 (1991)1995-05-31NTSCUSA 
TSVM49896 Duel to the Death (1982)LBX/Bilingual1997-04-22NTSCUSA 
ULV3321 Executioners: Part I (1993)BilingualNTSCHong Kong 
ULV3322 Executioners: Part II (1993)BilingualNTSCHong Kong 
PCLP-00442 Fatal Fury 2 (1992)1993-06-18NTSCJapan 
CPL209 Faye Wong: Live in Concert (1994)NTSCHong Kong
ML 805 Fight Back to School (1991)BilingualNTSCHong Kong 
ML 829 Fight Back to School II: Part 1 (1992)BilingualNTSCHong Kong 
ML 830 Fight Back to School II: Part 2 (1993)BilingualNTSCHong Kong 
ML5005 Fight Back to School III: Part 1 (1993)Bilingual/CAVNTSCHong Kong 
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