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Database found 110 titles on query:  Laserdiscs contributed by allenwrench Browse:  [1]  [2]  [3]  [4]  [5]    [MAX]
 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
PA-91-352 Alan Jackson: Hear in the Real World (1989)1991-04-15NTSCUSA
PILK-1006 American Karaoke: 50's Hit Parade 2 (1987)1990NTSCJapan
ID2480IP Angel Town (1990)P&S/SRD1994-02-25NTSCUSA 
LV 2306 Apocalypse Now (1979)P&S/SRDNTSCUSA 
VPIA109 Art of the Western World #09: World War II & Beyond (1992)CAV1994-03-24NTSCUSA
200-5019 Astron Belt (1983)ANA/CAV1983NTSCJapan 
SHLU-1001 Babel 2: OAV vol.1 (1992)CAV1992-03-21NTSCJapan 
TVL 2988 Back to School (1986)P&S/SRD/ANA1986NTSCUSA 
LV1114 Bad News Bears Go To Japan, The (1978)P&S/ANA1989NTSCUSA 
ID6844CO Bartleby (1970)P&S/+CAVNTSCUSA 
ID6185NW Buy & Cell (1987)P&S/SRD1989NTSCUSA 
PL5032 Caligula (1979)P&S/ANA1984NTSCUSA 
ID6572HB Carly Simon: Live from Martha's Vineyard: The Music Disc (1987)+CAV1989NTSCUSA
41429 Casper Cartoons #11993-01-27NTSCUSA
781 AS Cattle Queen of Montana (1954)P&S/ANANTSCUSA 
VLD 3095 Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)P&S/ANA1983NTSCUSA 
ID7347IV Cold Feet (1989) P&SNTSCUSA 
1484-80 Commando (1985)P&S/SRD/ANA1986NTSCUSA 
ID7418OR Cooley High (1975)P&S1991-07-01NTSCUSA 
ID5158 Deadline (1987)P&S1987NTSCUSA 
ID8332TU Dinner At Eight (1989)1992-08-13NTSCUSA 
DKC12 DK Karaoke DKC 12: Favorite Standards 11992-01-01NTSCUSA
DKC15 DK Karaoke DKC 15: Christmas Favorites (1992)NTSCUSA
PA-84-068 Dolly Parton: Dolly in London (1983)ANANTSCUSA 
42124 Don't Talk To Strangers (1994)P&S1995-04-18NTSCUSA 
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