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 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
--- Céline Dion: Karaoké (1995)PALFrance
GP-001 Gospel Vol. 1 (1992)1992NTSCUSA
KL1989501 Japanese Karaoke vol.01NTSCUSA
KL1989502 Japanese Karaoke vol.02NTSCUSA
KL1989503 Japanese Karaoke vol.03NTSCUSA
KL1989504 Japanese Karaoke vol.04NTSCUSA
KL1989505 Japanese Karaoke vol.05NTSCUSA
KL1989506 Japanese Karaoke vol.06NTSCUSA
KL1989507 Japanese Karaoke vol.07NTSCUSA
KL1989508 Japanese Karaoke vol.08NTSCUSA
KL1989509 Japanese Karaoke vol.09NTSCUSA
KL1989510 Japanese Karaoke vol.10NTSCUSA
KL1989511 Japanese Karaoke vol.11NTSCUSA
KL1989512 Japanese Karaoke vol.12NTSCUSA
KL1989513 Japanese Karaoke vol.13NTSCUSA
KL1989514 Japanese Karaoke vol.14NTSCUSA
KL1989515 Japanese Karaoke vol.15NTSCUSA
KL1989516 Japanese Karaoke vol.16NTSCUSA
KL1989517 Japanese Karaoke vol.171993-12-22NTSCUSA
KL1989518 Japanese Karaoke vol.181993-12-22NTSCUSA
KL1989519 Japanese Karaoke vol.191993-12-22NTSCUSA
KL1989520 Japanese Karaoke vol.201994-06-15NTSCUSA
KL1989521 Japanese Karaoke vol.211994-06-15NTSCUSA
WK80-006A Karaoke: 80's Hits vol.6 (1991)8"NTSCJapan
WK90-006-A Karaoke: 90's Hits vol.068"1993-06-30NTSCUSA
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