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Database found 22 titles on query:  Advanced Search
 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
CM11E-V105264 Adventures of Robin Hood, The (1938)MONO1980NTSCUSA 
01463 Birdman of Alcatraz [RCA] (1962)MONONTSCUSA 
RCA 01506 Blue Hawaii (1961)P&S/MONO1981NTSCUSA 
V105063 Boys From Brazil, The (1978)P&S/MONO1981-03NTSCUSA 
RCA 12214 Daryl Hall & John Oates: Rock'n Soul Live (1983)STEREO1983NTSCUSA
00611 Death Wish (1974)P&S/MONO1981NTSCUSA 
RCA 07001 Demo Disc: RCA VideoDiscs (1981)MONO1981-03-22NTSCUSA
RCA 12130 Dolly in London (1983)STEREO1983NTSCUSA 
RCA 01467 For A Few Dollars More [RCA] (1965)P&S/MONO1983-05NTSCUSA 
00728 Herbie Rides Again (1974)P&S/MONONTSCUSA 
RCA 01904 Love At First Bite (1979)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
RCA 00108 M*A*S*H (MASH) [RCA] (1970)P&S/MONO1981-03NTSCUSA 
RCA 01702 Miracle of Lake Placid, The (1981)MONONTSCUSA 
RCA 02027 My Seventeenth Summer/Flying for Fun (Big Blue Marble)P&S/MONO1981NTSCUSA 
00630 Peanuts: Race for Your Life, Charlie Brown (1977)MONO1981-03NTSCUSA 
12155 Puccini: La Bohème: Royal Opera: Cotrubas/Shicoff/Gardelli (1982)SRDNTSCUSA 
RCA 01401 Rocky [RCA] (1976)P&S/MONO1981-03-22NTSCUSA 
00303 Sands of Iwo Jima (1949)MONO1981-03NTSCUSA 
CM11E-V105314 Spy Who Loved Me, The (1977)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
RCA 17002 Stereo Demo Disc (1982)STEREO1982NTSCUSA
01602 Super Bowl XIV: Steelers vs. Rams (1980)MONO1981NTSCUSA 
01803 Swept Away (1974)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
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