Listen Al, if I never see you again, I want you to know that I love you very much. I also buried all my LaserDiscs somewhere in the apartment -- right next to the cure for blindness. Good luck.
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 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
JWL-004 Abraxas, Guardian of the Universe (1990)P&S/SRDNTSCTaiwan 
JWL-036 Absolute Strangers (1991)NTSCTaiwan 
JWL-119 Across the Red Night (Notti di paura) (1997)P&S/SRDNTSCTaiwan 
JWL-077 Act of Piracy (1988)P&SNTSCTaiwan 
JWL-019 Adventures of the Polar Cubs (1979)NTSCTaiwan 
JWL-058 American Born (1990)P&SNTSCTaiwan 
JWL-135 Amos & Andrew (1993)P&S/SRDNTSCTaiwan 
JWL-063 Arrival, The (1991)P&SNTSCTaiwan 
TML/018 Baby On Board (1992)P&S/SRDNTSCTaiwan 
JWL-112 Behind the Mask (1992)NTSCTaiwan 
JWL-102 Beyond Bedlam (1994)P&S/SRDNTSCTaiwan 
JWL-102 Beyond Bedlam (1994)P&S/SRDNTSCTaiwan 
JWL-001 Beyond the Call of Duty (1992)P&S/SRDNTSCTaiwan 
JWL-146 Biohazard 2 (Biohazard: The Alien Force) (1995)P&S/SRDNTSCTaiwan 
TML/032 Blood Brothers (No Retreat, No Surrender 3: Blood Brothers) (1990)P&S/SRDNTSCTaiwan 
JWL-020 Blood Money (The Killers Edge) (1991)P&S/SRDNTSCTaiwan 
JWL-049 Blue Desert (1991)P&SNTSCTaiwan 
JWL-070 Blue Ice (1992)P&SNTSCTaiwan 
JWL-118 Blue Vengeance (1989)P&S/SRDNTSCTaiwan 
JWL-149 Borrower, The (1991)P&S/SRDNTSCTaiwan 
JWL-101 Bounty Tracker (1993)P&SNTSCTaiwan 
JWL-165 Bullseye (1990)P&SNTSCTaiwan 
TML/028 Canvas (1992)P&S/SRDNTSCTaiwan 
JWL-086 Carnal Crimes (1991)NTSCTaiwan 
JWL-121 Chain of Command (1994)P&S/SRDNTSCTaiwan 
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