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 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
ORM-074 29th Street (1991)P&S/SRDNTSCTaiwan 
ORM-140 Above the Rim (1994)P&S/SRDNTSCTaiwan 
ORM-004 Affairs of the Heart (1992)P&SNTSCTaiwan 
ORM-027 American Cyborg: Steel Warrior (1993)P&S/SRDNTSCTaiwan 
ORM-030 American Ninja 5 (1993)P&S/SRDNTSCTaiwan 
ORM-012 American Shaolin (1992)P&S/SRDNTSCTaiwan 
ORM-064 Amore! (1993)P&S/SRDNTSCTaiwan 
ANOTHERNINEAND Another 9 1/2 Weeks (1997)P&S/SRDNTSCTaiwan 
ORM-053 Belle Epoque (1992)SRD/BilingualNTSCTaiwan 
ORM-041 Best of the Best 2 (1993)LBX/SRDNTSCTaiwan 
LT8006 Beyond Forgiveness (1994)P&S/SRDNTSCTaiwan 
TKT-168011 Bloodfist VI: Ground Zero (1995)P&S/SRDNTSCTaiwan 
ORM-110 Burnt by the Sun (1994)NTSCTaiwan 
ORM-120 Camilla (1994)P&S/SRDNTSCTaiwan 
ORM- Canadian Bacon (1995)P&S/SRDNTSCTaiwan 
ORM- Captives (1994)P&S/SRDNTSCTaiwan 
ORM-181 Chameleon (1995)P&S/SRDNTSCTaiwan 
ORM-005 College Kickboxers (Trained to Fight) (1992)P&S/SRDNTSCTaiwan 
ORM- Crying Freeman (1995)SRDNTSCTaiwan 
ORM-006 Crying Game, The (1992)LBX/SRDNTSCTaiwan 
ORM-152 Dangerous Woman, A (1993)P&S/SRDNTSCTaiwan 
ORM-087 Deadly TargetP&S/BilingualNTSCTaiwan
ORM-114 Don Juan DeMarco (1994)P&S/SRDNTSCTaiwan 
ORM-094 Dumb and Dumber (1994)P&S/SRDNTSCTaiwan 
EMMA Emma (1996)P&S/SRDNTSCTaiwan 
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