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 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
W0036 C88 100 ways to Murder your Wife (1986)ANA1988NTSCHong Kong 
W0017 H88 Angel (Tian shi xing dong) (1987)LBX/UncutNTSCHong Kong 
W0015 H88 Centipede Horror (Wu gong zhou) (1984)LBX/ANA1988NTSCHong Kong 
W0008 H88 Cream Soda & Milk (1981)ANANTSCHong Kong 
D0038 C88 Dragons Forever (1988)LBX1998NTSCHong Kong 
SEL0383H92 Endless Temptation (1990)LBX/BilingualNTSCHong Kong 
SEL0291H91 Ghostly Love (Qian nu yun yu qing) (1989)P&S1991NTSCHong Kong 
W0022 H88 Happy Sixteen (1982)LBXNTSCHong Kong 
A0041C88 Hearty Response, A (Yi gai yun tian) (1986)LBXNTSCHong Kong 
SEL0484H92 Her Fatal Way III (1992)NTSCHong Kong
W0030 H88 His Name is Nobody (1988)NTSCHong Kong 
W0042 H89 House of Bernarda Alba, The (1987)P&SNTSCHong Kong 
I 0059 C89 Inspector Wears Skirts, The (Ba wong fa) (1988)LBX1989NTSCHong Kong 
W0038 H89 Kaze no Tani no Nausicaa (Nausicaa of the Valley of Wind) (1984)LBXNTSCHong Kong 
W0034 H88 Lam Ah Chun Blunders AgainLBX/Bilingual1988NTSCHong Kong
L0054 C89 Last Message, The (1975)P&SNTSCHong Kong 
W0037 H88 Mac and Me (1988)P&S1988NTSCHong Kong 
W0058 H89 Men ... (1985)P&SNTSCHong Kong 
W0051 H89 Michael Jackson: Moonwalker (1988)P&S1989NTSCHong Kong 
SEL0133H89 Mr. Vampire IV (Jiang shi shu shu) (1988)LBX1989NTSCHong Kong 
W0039 H89 My Life as a Dog (1985)LBX1989NTSCHong Kong 
SEL0134H89 On the Run (1988)LBX/Uncut1989NTSCHong Kong 
W0047 H89 Osmanthus Alley (1987)LBXNTSCHong Kong 
P0044 C88 Picture of a Nymph (Hua zhong xian) (1988)NTSCHong Kong 
W0009 H88 Red Spell Spells Red (Gong gui zai) (1983)LBXNTSCHong Kong 
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