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 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
CC1198L Rebecca: Alfred Hitchcock's: Special Edition: Criterion #98 (1940)+CAVNTSCUSA 
CC1202L Marx Brothers: A Night at the Opera: Criterion #31A (1935)NTSCUSA 
CC1216L Sex, Lies, and Videotape: Special Edition: Criterion #108 (1989)LBX/SRD/CAVNTSCUSA 
CC1218L Taxi Driver: Special Edition: Criterion #109 (1976)LBX/CAVNTSCUSA 
CC1225L King of Hearts: Criterion #115 (1967)LBXNTSCUSA 
CC1243L Devil & Daniel Webster: Special Edition: Criterion #126 (1941)NTSCUSA 
CC1277L Confidential Report (Mr. Arkadin): Criterion #121 (1955)NTSCUSA 
CC1287L Casablanca: Criterion #73A (1942)NTSCUSA 
CC1496L Vivre sa vie (My Life to Live): Criterion #345 (1962)NTSCUSA 
--- Gone With the Wind: Special Edition: Criterion (1939)CancelledNTSCUSA 
CC1122L Spirit of the Beehive, The: Criterion (1973)CancelledNTSCUSA 
CC1195L Caesar and Cleopatra: Criterion (1945)CancelledNTSCUSA 
CC1319L Truffaut Trio: CriterionLBXCancelledNTSCUSA
CC1349L Lady from Shanghai, The: Criterion (1947)CancelledNTSCUSA 
CC1369L Fireman's Ball: Criterion (1967)CancelledNTSCUSA 
CC1403L Mikado: CriterionCancelledNTSCUSA
CC1405L Orpheus: Criterion (1949)CancelledNTSCUSA 
CC1533L Gojira: Special Edition (Godzilla): Criterion (1954)CancelledNTSCUSA 
CC1534L Godzilla: King of the Monsters: Special Edition: Criterion (1956)CancelledNTSCUSA 
CC1535L Godzilla vs. Mothra: Criterion (1964)LBXCancelledNTSCUSA 
CC1536L Godzilla vs. Monster Zero: Criterion (1965)LBXCancelledNTSCUSA 
CC1537L Godzilla's Revenge: Criterion (1969)LBXCancelledNTSCUSA 
CC1538L Terror of Mechagodzilla: Godzilla: Criterion (1975)LBXCancelledNTSCUSA 
CC101 Citizen Kane: Special Edition First Printing: Criterion #1 (1941)ANA/CAV1984NTSCUSA 
CC102 King Kong: Special Edition #2: Criterion (1933)ANA/CAV1984NTSCUSA 
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