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Database found 16 titles on query:  Advanced Search
 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
ID8493RH Bell Science: About Time (1962)CAV1992-05-28NTSCUSA 
ID8492RH Bell Science: Gateways to the Mind (1958)CAV1992-05-08NTSCUSA
ID8490RH Bell Science: Unchained GoddessCAV1992-05-08NTSCUSA
ID6730RH Best of the Cutting Edge #1 & 2: The Music Disc (1983)1989NTSCUSA 
ID8469RH Bizarre Music Television (1992)1992-09-03NTSCUSA
LDR33994 Monkees #1: Royal Flush/Monkee Mayor/The Christmas Show (1966)1997-12-16NTSCUSA 
LDR34003 Monkees #2: I've Got A Little Song/At the Movies/Coffin Too Frequent1997-12-16NTSCUSA 
ID3933RH Shadowfax: Live (1995)1997-06-25NTSCUSA
VILP-34 Shindig! Sixties Superstars: California Dreamin1992-06NTSCJapan
VILP-33 Shindig: Motor City Magic - Motown Special1992-06NTSCJapan 
VILP-38 Shindig: The Kinks - Early Years1992-11-21NTSCJapan
VILP-35 Shindig: Those Groovy Gals1992-08-26NTSCJapan
ID3934RH The Rutles: All You Need Is Cash (1978)+CAV1997-06-25NTSCUSA 
ID2733RH Todd Rundgren: The Desktop Collection (1993)1994-05-25NTSCUSA 
ID2372RH VH-1: California Rock/Guitar Legends (1993)1993-12-22NTSCUSA
ID2732RH VH-1: Rock In The UK/Psychedelic High (1993)1994-05-18NTSCUSA
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