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 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
ID8486RH A.R.M.S. Concert (Arms): The Music Disc (1983)1992-06-11NTSCUSA
ID7424RH Alice Cooper: Welcome to my Nightmare: The Music Disc (1975)NTSCUSA 
ID7953RH Baseball's Greatest Hits (1990)1991-01-30NTSCUSA 
ID8493RH Bell Science: About Time (1962)CAV1992-05-28NTSCUSA 
ID8489RH Bell Science: Alphabet Conspiracy (1959)CAV1992-05-08NTSCUSA 
ID8492RH Bell Science: Gateways to the Mind (1958)CAV1992-05-08NTSCUSA
ID8487RH Bell Science: Hemo the Magnificent (1958)CAV1992-06-04NTSCUSA
ID8488RH Bell Science: Our Mr. Sun (1956)CAV1992-05-14NTSCUSA
ID8494RH Bell Science: Strange Case of Cosmic Rays (1957)CAV1992-05-14NTSCUSA 
ID8491RH Bell Science: Thread of Life (1960)CAV1992-07-30NTSCUSA
ID8490RH Bell Science: Unchained GoddessCAV1992-05-08NTSCUSA
ID6730RH Best of the Cutting Edge #1 & 2: The Music Disc (1983)1989NTSCUSA 
ID6731RH Big Brother & Holding Company: The Music Disc (1967)1989NTSCUSA
ID8469RH Bizarre Music Television (1992)1992-09-03NTSCUSA
ID2378RH Black Like Me (1964)1996NTSCUSA 
ID2365RH Blues Summit In Chicago (1974)CancelledNTSCUSA 
ID3930RH Bo Diddley: 30th Anniversary Rock & Roll All Star Jam1997-07-30NTSCUSA
ID8472RH Brain from Planet Arous, The (1957)+CAV1993-03-04NTSCUSA 
ID2547RH Clash of The Titans/Hawaiian Pure Juice: Surfer Magazine (1990)1994-03-16NTSCUSA
ID2961RH Comic Relief 6 (1994)CancelledNTSCUSA 
ID8473RH Crawling Hand, The (1963)P&S1993-05-19NTSCUSA 
R2 972166 Cream: Royal Albert Hall (2005)2006-11-141080iUSA
ID7954RH Death Valley Days1991-01-30NTSCUSA 
ID8482RH Dr. Demento: 20th Anniversary Collection (1991)1993-02-05NTSCUSA
ID8476RH Eegah! (1962)1992-09-03NTSCUSA 
ID2590RH Evil Clutch (Il bosco 1) (1988)P&S1994-03-09NTSCUSA 
ID8479RH Giant Gila Monster, The (1959)+CAV1993-04-22NTSCUSA 
ID2816RH Golden Age of Television, The (1981)1995-03-15NTSCUSA
ID3122RH Golden Age of Television, The: vol.2 (1981)1995-10-04NTSCUSA
ID3237RH Harry Chapin: The Book of Chapin (1974)1995-11-01NTSCUSA
ID2591RH Haunting Fear (1991)P&S/Uncut1994-02-09NTSCUSA 
ID2589RH Invasion of The Space Preachers (1990)1994-03-16NTSCUSA 
ID3935RH Iron Butterfly: In A Gadda Da Vida (1971)1997-08-27NTSCUSA
ID3931RH Jimi Hendrix: Rainbow Bridge (1970)Uncut1997-06-25NTSCUSA 
ID8481RH K.C. & Sunshine BandCancelledNTSCUSA
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