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 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
RCA 03102 10 (1979)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
30003 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)P&S/STEREO1981PALUnited Kingdom 
??? 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)P&S/MONO1981NTSCUSA 
MD100002 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)P&S/STEREO1981NTSCUSA 
MD100591 2010: The Year We Make Contact (1984)P&S/SRD1985NTSCUSA 
CM11E-V105200 3 Days of the Condor (1975)P&S/MONO1981NTSCUSA 
RCA 13612 48 Hrs. (48 Hours) (1982)P&S/STEREO1983NTSCUSA 
1099-90 9 To 5 (1980)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
30215 ABBA: The Movie (1977)P&S/STEREO1984PALUnited Kingdom 
VC5056 Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai, The (1984)P&S/STEREO1985NTSCUSA 
4652-90 After The Fox (1966)P&S/MONO1983NTSCUSA 
14005 Against All Odds (1984)P&S/SRD1984NTSCUSA 
RCA 03307 Airport (1970)P&S/MONO1983NTSCUSA 
4561-90 Alamo, The (1960)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
03114 Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore (1974)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
CC2517 Alice's Adventures in Wonderland (1972)P&S/MONO1984NTSCUSA 
4601-90 Alice's Restaurant (1969)P&S/MONO1983NTSCUSA 
1090-90 Alien [CBS] (1979)P&S/STEREO1982NTSCUSA 
1090-90 Alien [FOX] (1979)P&S/SRD1982NTSCUSA 
1095-90 All That Jazz (1979)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
RCA 03115 All the President's Men (1976)P&S/MONO1983NTSCUSA 
RCA 13142 Altered States (1980)P&S/STEREO1982NTSCUSA 
12251 Amadeus (1984)P&S/SRD1985NTSCUSA 
00637 American Gigolo (1980)P&S/MONO1981NTSCUSA 
VC5034 Amityville 3-D (1983)P&S/SRD1984NTSCUSA 
01902 Amityville Horror, The (1979)P&S/MONO1981NTSCUSA 
43501 Amityville Horror, The (1979)P&S/MONOPALUnited Kingdom 
VC3002 And God Created Woman (1956)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
RCA 03012 And Justice For All (1979)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
04019 Anderson Tapes, The (1971)P&S/MONO1984NTSCUSA 
VC4009 Angel of H.E.A.T. (1982)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
RCA 13033 Annie (1982)P&S/STEREO1983NTSCUSA 
41251 Annie Hall (1977)P&S/MONO1983PALUnited Kingdom 
RCA 01421 Annie Hall (1977)P&S/MONO1981NTSCUSA 
RCA 03144 Any Which Way You Can (1980)P&S/MONO1983NTSCUSA 
4504-90 Apache (1954)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
4541-90 Apartment, The [CBS] (1960)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
RCA 01461 Apartment, The [RCA] (1960)P&S/MONO1983NTSCUSA 
RCA 00667 Apocalypse Now (1979)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
RCA 03138 Arthur (1981)P&S/MONO1983NTSCUSA 
00674 Atlantic City (1980)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
1440-90 Bachelor Party (1984)P&S/MONO1985NTSCUSA 
CD100071 Back Roads (1981)P&S/MONO1981NTSCUSA 
1203-90 Bandolero! (1968)P&S/STEREO1983NTSCUSA 
RCA 00610 Barbarella: Queen of the Galaxy (1968)P&S/MONO1981NTSCUSA 
9048-90 Barbarosa (1982)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
4597-90 Battle of Britain (1969)P&S/MONO1983NTSCUSA 
CM11E-V105499 Beach Girls, The (1982)P&S/MONO1983NTSCUSA 
RCA 00704 Bears and I, The (1974)P&S/MONONTSCUSA 
MD100172 Beast Within, The (1982)P&S/STEREO1982NTSCUSA 
MD100063 Bells Are Ringing (1960)P&S/MONO1981NTSCUSA 
MD100004 Ben-Hur (1959)P&S/STEREO1983NTSCUSA 
CD 100036 Benji (1974)P&S/MONONTSCUSA 
CD1587 Best Defense (1984)P&S/MONONTSCUSA 
45-17008 Best Little Whorehouse in Texas, The (1982)P&S/MONO1983NTSCUSA 
CD 1134 Beverly Hills Cop (1984)P&S/SRD1985NTSCUSA 
03097 Big Chill, The (1983)P&S/MONO1984NTSCUSA 
7149-90 Big Jake (1971)P&S/MONONTSCUSA 
4542-90 Birdman of Alcatraz [CBS] (1962)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
14043 Birdy (1984)P&S/SRD1985NTSCUSA 
44002 Bitch, The (1979)P&S/MONO1984PALUnited Kingdom 
RCA 10724 Black Hole, The (1979)P&S/STEREO1983NTSCUSA 
RCA 08503 Black Moon Rising (1986)P&S/MONO1986NTSCUSA 
4712-90 Black Stallion Returns, The [CBS] (1983)P&S/SRD1983NTSCUSA 
RCA 01409 Black Stallion, The (1979)P&S/MONO1981NTSCUSA 
00643 Black Sunday (1977)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
13806 Blade Runner (1982)P&S/SRD1983NTSCUSA 
VC5040 Blame it on Rio (1984)P&S/MONO1984NTSCUSA 
CM11E-V105271 Blazing Saddles (1974)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
RCA 10903 Blow Out (1981)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
??? Blue Hawaii (1961)P&S/MONOPALUnited Kingdom 
RCA 01506 Blue Hawaii (1961)P&S/MONO1981NTSCUSA 
RCA 03003 Blue Lagoon, The (1980)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
1062-90 Blue Max, The (1966)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
13052 Blue Thunder (1983)P&S/SRD1983NTSCUSA 
32031 Blue Thunder (1983)P&S/SRD1984PALUnited Kingdom 
03058 Bob & Carol & Ted & Alice (1969)P&S/MONO1984NTSCUSA 
VC4062 Bobbie Jo and the Outlaw (1976)P&S/MONO1983NTSCUSA 
14034 Body Double (1984)P&S/SRD1985NTSCUSA 
RCA 03139 Body Heat (1981)P&S/MONO1983NTSCUSA 
??? Bolero (Les uns et les autres) (1981)P&S/SRD1983NTSCUSA 
RCA 03117 Bonnie and Clyde (1967)P&S/MONO1983NTSCUSA 
RCA 13046 Boot, Das (The Boat) (1981)P&S/STEREO1983NTSCUSA 
03020 Born Free (1966)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
1015-90 Boston Strangler, The (1968)P&S/MONONTSCUSA 
VC5067 Bostonians, The (1984)P&S/MONO1985NTSCUSA 
VC5044 Bounty, The (1984)P&S/SRD1984NTSCUSA 
VC4038 Boxcar Bertha (1972)P&S/MONO1983NTSCUSA 
V105063 Boys From Brazil, The (1978)P&S/MONO1981-03NTSCUSA 
7071-90 Boys in the Band, The (1970)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
MD100314 Brainstorm (1983)P&S/SRD1983NTSCUSA 
4562-90 Brannigan (1975)P&S/MONONTSCUSA 
19406 Breaker Morant (1980)P&S/MONO1983NTSCUSA 
00684 Breakfast at Tiffany's (1961)P&S/MONONTSCUSA 
45-40167 Breakfast Club, The (1985)P&S/MONO1985NTSCUSA 
4536-90 Breakheart Pass (1976)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
RCA 03018 Breakout (1975)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
RCA 01913 Breathless (1983)P&S/MONO1983NTSCUSA 
45-40194 Brewster's Millions (1985)P&S/SRD1986NTSCUSA 
RCA 03013 Bridge on the River Kwai, The (1957)P&S/MONO1983NTSCUSA 
4533-90 Bridge Too Far, A (1977)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
MD100040 Brigadoon (1954)P&S/MONO1981NTSCUSA 
VC5041 Broadway Danny Rose (1984)P&S/MONO1984NTSCUSA 
MD100142 Buddy Buddy (1981)P&S/MONONTSCUSA 
44204 Bugsy Malone (1977)P&S/MONO1982PALUnited Kingdom 
RCA 00101 Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid (1969)P&S/MONO1981NTSCUSA 
CD 100035 Cabaret (1972)P&S/MONO1981NTSCUSA 
RCA 03119 Caddyshack (1980)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
4551-90 Cage aux folles II, La (1980)P&S/MONONTSCUSA 
04040 Caine Mutiny, The (1954)P&S/MONO1985NTSCUSA 
CM11E-V105256 California Suite (1978)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
RCA 00705 Candleshoe (1977)P&S/MONONTSCUSA 
DC 11377 Cannonball Run II (1984)P&S/MONO1984NTSCUSA 
VC6001 Cannonball Run, The (1981)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
16096 Carbon Copy (1981)P&S/MONO1983NTSCUSA 
43406 Carnal Knowledge (1971)P&S/MONOPALUnited Kingdom 
CM11E-V105199 Carnal Knowledge (1971)P&S/MONO1981NTSCUSA 
4515-90 Carrie [CBS] (1976)P&S/MONO1983NTSCUSA 
03067 Casey's Shadow (1978)P&S/MONO1983NTSCUSA 
42007 Cat Ballou (1965)P&S/MONO1983PALUnited Kingdom 
MD100060 Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
11014 Cat People (1982)P&S/SRD1983NTSCUSA 
4731-90 Cat's Eye (1985)P&S/SRD1985NTSCUSA 
04062 Cavegirl (1985)P&S/MONO1985NTSCUSA 
4543-90 Caveman (1981)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
MD100034 Champ, The (1979)P&S/MONO1981NTSCUSA 
RCA 13137 Chariots of Fire (1981)P&S/SRD1983NTSCUSA 
??? Chatterbox (1977)P&S/MONO1983NTSCUSA 
RCA 00652 Cheech & Chong, Up in Smoke (1978)P&S/MONONTSCUSA 
RCA 03006 China Syndrome, The (1979)P&S/MONO1981NTSCUSA 
V205085 Chinatown (1974)P&S/MONO1981NTSCUSA 
4557-90 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (1968)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
21836 Chorus Line, A (1985)P&S/SRD1986NTSCUSA 
13098 Christine (1983)P&S/STEREO1984NTSCUSA 
32038 Christine (1983)P&S/SRDPALUnited Kingdom 
??? Christmas Carol, A (1982)P&S/MONONTSCUSA
1119-90 Chu Chu and the Philly Flash (1981)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
MD100135 Cincinnati Kid, The (1965)P&S/STEREO1983NTSCUSA 
30074 Clash of the Titans (1981)P&S/SRD1983PALUnited Kingdom 
MD100074 Clash of the Titans (1981)P&S/MONO1981NTSCUSA 
RCA 01916 Class (1983)P&S/MONO1983NTSCUSA 
1143-90 Cleopatra (1963)P&S/STEREO1983NTSCUSA 
45-80124 Cloak & Dagger (1984)P&S/SRD1985NTSCUSA 
03121 Clockwork Orange, A (1971)P&S/MONO1983NTSCUSA 
RCA 03004 Close Encounters of the Third Kind (1977)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
32008 Close Encounters of the Third Kind: Special Edition (1980)P&S/STEREO1983PALUnited Kingdom 
1476-90 Cocoon (1985)P&S/SRD1986NTSCUSA 
TVL 2985 Code of Silence (1985)P&S/MONO1985NTSCUSA 
RCA 03017 Collector, The (1965)P&S/MONO1984-11-09NTSCUSA 
MD100013 Coma (1978)P&S/MONO1981NTSCUSA 
1177-90 Comancheros, The (1961)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
13336 Come Back to the Five and Dime, Jimmy Dean, Jimmy Dean (1982)P&S/MONO1983NTSCUSA 
4552-90 Comes A Horseman (1978)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
1484-80 Commando (1985)P&S/SRD1986NTSCUSA 
13008 Conan the Barbarian (1982)P&S/MONO1983NTSCUSA 
45-40079 Conan the Destroyer (1984)P&S/MONO1985NTSCUSA 
CD 5512 Court Jester, The (1956)P&S/MONO1983NTSCUSA 
RCA 08148 Crimes of Passion (1984)P&S/MONO1984NTSCUSA 
TLF 2184 Cross Creek (1983)P&S/MONONTSCUSA 
CD 100029 Cruising (1980)P&S/MONO1981NTSCUSA 
45-40061 D.C. Cab (1983)P&S/SRD1984NTSCUSA 
1087-90 Damien: Omen II (1978)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
32035 Dark Crystal, The (1982)P&S/SRD1984PALUnited Kingdom 
TLF 1966 Dark Crystal, The (1982)P&S/SRDNTSCUSA 
13756 Day After, The (1983)P&S/MONO1984NTSCUSA 
RCA 10659 Days of Heaven (1978)P&S/STEREO1983NTSCUSA 
13216 Deadly Blessing (1981)P&S/MONO1983NTSCUSA 
TLF 1035 Death on the Nile (1978)P&S/MONONTSCUSA 
RCA 00905 Death Race 2000 (1975)P&S/MONO1983NTSCUSA 
00611 Death Wish (1974)P&S/MONO1981NTSCUSA 
MD100821 Death Wish 3 (1985)P&S/MONO1986NTSCUSA 
VC4017 Death Wish II (1982)P&S/MONONTSCUSA 
VC5048 Deathstalker (1983)P&S/MONO1985NTSCUSA 
RCA 13311 Deer Hunter, The (1978)P&S/STEREO1983NTSCUSA 
4608-90 Defiant Ones, The (1958)P&S/MONO1983NTSCUSA 
03122 Deliverance (1972)P&S/MONO1983NTSCUSA 
TE16342 Desperately Seeking Susan (1985)P&S/MONONTSCUSA 
1018-90 Detective, The (1968)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
4605-90 Diamonds Are Forever [CBS] (1971)P&S/MONO1983NTSCUSA 
RCA 01423 Diamonds Are Forever [RCA] (1971)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
1074-90 Diary of Anne Frank, The (1959)P&S/MONONTSCUSA 
VC4049 Dillinger (1973)P&S/MONO1983NTSCUSA 
MD100164 Diner (1982)P&S/MONONTSCUSA 
??? Dirty Dozen, The [RCA] (1967)P&S/MONONTSCUSA 
MD100008 Dirty Dozen, The [UA] (1967)P&S/STEREO1983NTSCUSA 
RCA 03104 Dirty Harry (1971)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
00727 Disney Cartoon Parade: vol.4 (1982)P&S/MONONTSCUSA
00729 Disney Cartoon Parade: vol.5 (1983)P&S/MONONTSCUSA
1025-90 Doctor Dolittle (1967)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
MD100003 Doctor Zhivago (1965)P&S/MONO1981NTSCUSA 
RCA 03123 Dog Day Afternoon (1975)P&S/MONO1983NTSCUSA 
9008-90 Domino Principle, The (1976)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
4525-90 Dr. No [CBS] (1962)P&S/MONO1983NTSCUSA 
RCA 01426 Dr. No [RCA] (1962)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
RCA 03036 Dr. Strangelove (1964)P&S/MONO1983NTSCUSA 
RCA 10675 Dragonslayer (1981)P&S/SRDNTSCUSA 
RCA 01901 Dressed to Kill (1980)P&S/MONONTSCUSA 
45-40161 Dune (1984)P&S/SRD1985NTSCUSA 
RCA 03124 East of Eden (1954)P&S/MONO1983NTSCUSA 
RCA 01917 Easy Money (1983)P&S/MONONTSCUSA 
42003 Easy Rider (1969)P&S/MONO1983PALUnited Kingdom 
??? Easy Rider (1969)P&S/MONONTSCUSA 
03085 Educating Rita (1983)P&S/MONO1984NTSCUSA 
VC3014 El Cid (1961)P&S/MONO1983NTSCUSA 
RCA 03603 El Dorado (1967)P&S/MONO1983NTSCUSA 
RCA 00642 Elephant Man, The (1980)P&S/MONO1981NTSCUSA 
??? Elvis On Tour (1972)P&S/STEREOPALUnited Kingdom 
MD100153 Elvis on Tour (1972)P&S/MONONTSCUSA
??? Elvis: That's the Way It Is (1970)P&S/MONO1984PALUnited Kingdom 
21796 Emerald Forest, The (1985)P&S/SRD1985NTSCUSA 
MD100602 Emmanuelle 4 (1983)P&S/MONO1986NTSCUSA 
4607-90 End, The (1978)P&S/MONO1983NTSCUSA 
02114 Endless Love (1981)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
1492-90 Enemy Mine (1985)P&S/STEREO1986NTSCUSA 
RCA 03149 Enforcer, The (1976)P&S/MONO1983NTSCUSA 
1234-90 Entity, The (1982)P&S/STEREO1983NTSCUSA 
RCA 00635 Escape From Alcatraz (1979)P&S/MONO1981-03NTSCUSA 
33400 Escape From New York (1981)P&S/STEREO1983PALUnited Kingdom 
RCA 00809 Escape From New York (1981)P&S/MONONTSCUSA 
9019-90 Escape to Athena (1979)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
RCA 00711 Escape to Witch Mountain (1975)P&S/MONO1981NTSCUSA 
RCA 03107 Every Which Way But Loose (1978)P&S/MONONTSCUSA 
RCA 01444 Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Sex (1972)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
14027 Evil That Men Do, The (1984)P&S/MONO1984NTSCUSA 
TLF 1080 Evil Under the Sun (1982)P&S/MONONTSCUSA 
4544-90 Exodus (1960)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
RCA 03126 Exorcist, The (1973)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
4581-90 Eye of the Needle (1981)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
41337 F.I.S.T. (1978)P&S/MONO1984PALUnited Kingdom 
4520-90 F.I.S.T. (Fist) (1978)P&S/MONONTSCUSA 
03088 Fail Safe (1964)P&S/MONO1984NTSCUSA 
RCA 02021 Family Entertainment Playhouse: vol.1 (1981)P&S/MONONTSCUSA
20676 Fanny & Alexander (1982)P&S/MONONTSCUSA 
1002-90 Fantastic Voyage [FOX] (1966)P&S/MONO1982NTSCUSA 
RCA 00102 Fantastic Voyage [RCA] (1966)P&S/MONONTSCUSA 
14051 Fast Forward (1985)P&S/SRD1985NTSCUSA
45-16029 Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)P&S/MONO1983NTSCUSA 
RCA 01404 Fiddler on the Roof (1971)P&S/MONO1981NTSCUSA 
1115-90 Final Conflict, The: Omen 3 (1981)P&S/MONONTSCUSA 
VC4047 Final Countdown, The (1980)P&S/MONO1983NTSCUSA
??? Fire and Ice (1983)P&S/SRDNTSCUSA 
DC 11219 Firefox (1982)P&S/STEREO1983NTSCUSA 
40075 Firestarter (1984)P&S/MONO1984NTSCUSA 
RCA 12143 First Blood (1982)P&S/STEREO1983NTSCUSA 
CD1744 First Born (1984)P&S/MONONTSCUSA
1173-90 Flaming Star (1960)P&S/MONO1983NTSCUSA 
13006 Flash Gordon (1980)P&S/SRD1983NTSCUSA 
CS11E-V105594 Flashdance (1983)P&S/SRD1983NTSCUSA 
RCA 00805 Fog, The (1980)P&S/MONONTSCUSA 
CD 1589 Footloose (1984)P&S/SRD1984NTSCUSA 
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