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Database returned 167 title(s) for Complete MUSE Hi-Vision List Browse:  [1]  [2]  [3]  [4]  [5]  [6]  [7]    [MAX]
 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
PILH-1009 Jumanji (1995)SRD1997-12-21Hi-VisionJapan 
PA-HD82061 Jurassic Park (1993)SRD1996-02-21Hi-VisionJapan 
00MW-0012 Kamui of the Okhotsk (1995)1995-09-21Hi-VisionJapan
SRLM 1067 Katie & Marielle Labeque: The Loves of Emma BardacHi-VisionJapan 
VALJ-3901~2 Keith Jarrett Trio: Live at Open Theater East (1993)+CAV1993-12-10Hi-VisionJapan 
ICHG-0003 Kunsthistorishes Museum Wien (Vienna) 1Hi-VisionJapan
ICHL-0003 Kunsthistorishes Museum Wien (Vienna) 11996-05-09Hi-VisionJapan
ICHG-0004 Kunsthistorishes Museum Wien (Vienna) 2Hi-VisionJapan
ICHL-0004 Kunsthistorishes Museum Wien (Vienna) 21996-05-09Hi-VisionJapan
HVMC-12058 Lawrence of Arabia (1962)SRD1993-06-21Hi-VisionJapan 
HVMC-14589 League of Their Own, A (1992)1993-05-21Hi-VisionJapan 
HVMC-21588 Legends of the Fall (1994)SRD1995-12-21Hi-VisionJapan 
ICHL-0010 London National Gallery1997-06-01Hi-VisionJapan
VALY-001 Monument ValleyCAV1996-07-01Hi-VisionJapan
--- Mt.Fuji, in Art (English version)CAVHi-VisionJapan
SSH-012M Muse Hi-Vision LD DemonstrationHi-VisionJapan
SSH-016M Muse Hi-Vision LD Demonstration (1992)CAVHi-VisionJapan
HMV301 MUSE Reference DiscHi-VisionJapan
HMV302 MUSE Reference DiscHi-VisionJapan
ICHG-0001 Musée du Louvre 1Hi-VisionJapan
ICHL-0001 Musée du Louvre 11996-05-09Hi-VisionJapan
ICHG-0002 Musée du Louvre 2Hi-VisionJapan
ICHL-0002 Musée du Louvre 21996-05-09Hi-VisionJapan
ICHL-0014 Museo del Prado 1Hi-VisionJapan
ICHL-0015 Museo del Prado 2Hi-VisionJapan
Complete MUSE Hi-Vision List
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