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Database returned 1866 title(s) for Complete HD DVD List Browse:  [1]  [2]  [3]  [4]  [5]  [6]  [7]  [8] 
 Reference   Title                     Specs  Released   Video   Country 
Z1 Y15705Prince Purple Rain <== TITLE PENDING VALIDATION1080pUnited Kingdom
61032951 Pride and Prejudice (2005)2007-11-131080pUSA 
32951C Pride & Prejudice (Orgueil et préjugés) (2005)1080pCanada 
825 858 2 Pride & Prejudice1080pUnited Kingdom 
302 352-2 Prête-moi ta main (2006)1080pFrance 
Z8 Y14086 Prestige, The1080pItaly
Z9 Y14086 Prestige, The1080pFrance 
GAHDY-1218 Prestige, The (2006)2008-01-011080pJapan 
Z1 Y14086 Prestige, The (2006)2007-06-041080pUnited Kingdom 
Z11 Y14086 Prestige, The (2006)20061080pSweden 
Z12 Y14086 Prestige, The (2006)1080pNorway 
Z7 Y14086 Prestige, Le1080pFrance
Z5 Y14086 Prestige - Die Meister der Magie (2006)20071080pGermany 
502134 Premonition (2007)20081080pGermany 
??? Poseidon: Combo1080pUSA
HD 81034 Poseidon1080pSpain
81034 Poseidon (2006)2007-01-161080pUSA 
WBHA-Y10322 Poseidon (2006)2007-09-071080pJapan 
Z1 81034 Poseidon (2006)1080pUnited Kingdom 
Z12 81034 Poseidon (2006)1080pNorway 
Z5 81034 Poseidon (2006)20071080pGermany 
Z7 81034 Poseidon (2006)1080pFrance 
825 315 2 Porte des secrets, La1080pFrance 
150274 Porcelain1080pUSA 
Z7 80965 Pôle Express, Le1080pFrance 
80965 Polar Express, The (2004)2006-10-101080pUSA 
26001-9 Planet Erde: Die komplette Serie1080pGermany 
GNHW-7011 Planet Earth: vol.112008-04-251080pJapan
GNHW-7010 Planet Earth: vol.102008-04-251080pJapan
GNHW-7009 Planet Earth: vol.092008-04-251080pJapan
GNHW-7008 Planet Earth: vol.082008-03-211080pJapan
GNHW-7007 Planet Earth: vol.072008-03-211080pJapan
GNHW-7006 Planet Earth: vol.062008-03-211080pJapan
GNHW-7005 Planet Earth: vol.052008-02-221080pJapan
GNHW-7004 Planet Earth: vol.042008-02-221080pJapan
GNHW-7003 Planet Earth: vol.032008-02-221080pJapan
GNHW-7002 Planet Earth: vol.022008-01-251080pJapan
GNHW-7001 Planet Earth: vol.012008-01-251080pJapan
E2939 Planet Earth: The Complete Series (2006)2007-04-241080pUSA
IMG 13082007Planet Earth: Pole To Pole <== TITLE PENDING VALIDATION1080pUnited Kingdom 
793786 Planet Earth (US Version) (2007)2007-07-311080iUSA 
794909Planet Earth <== TITLE PENDING VALIDATION1080iUSA
R-B01405-9Planet Earth <== TITLE PENDING VALIDATION1080pAustralia 
BBCHD0002 Planet Earth (2007)2007-11-121080iUnited Kingdom 
CWF-401 Place Promised in Our Early Days, The (2004)1080pJapan 
825 433 9 Pitch Black1080pSpain
27787 Pitch Black (2000)2006-07-111080pUSA 
61027787 Pitch Black (2000)2006-07-111080pUSA
825 021 3 Pitch Black (2000)1080pFrance 
825 313 4 Pitch Black (2000)1080pUnited Kingdom 
148554 Pirates (2005)2007-02-06720pUSA 
??? Picture This: Combo (2008)2007-12-111080pUSA 
825 313 8 Pic de Dante, Le1080pFrance 
302 336-7 Pianiste, Le (2002)1080pFrance 
OPTHD0002 Pianist, The1080pUnited Kingdom
PBP00003 Pianist, The1080pSpain
62103180 Pianist, The (2002)2008-01-081080pUSA 
824 716 3 Pianist, The (2002)20061080pNordic Release 
TDHY-9003 Pianist, The (2002)2006-08-251080pJapan 
80940 Phantom of the Opera, The (2004)2006-04-181080pUSA 
GAHDY-1203 Phantom of the Opera, The (2004)2007-12-211080pJapan 
3509 Phantom der Oper, Das (2004)20071080pGermany 
GAHDY-1291 Perfume: The Story of a Murderer2008-04-041080pJapan 
80939 Perfect Storm, The (2000)2006-06-061080pUSA 
??? Per qualche dollaro in più (For a Few Dollars More) (1965)1080pItaly 
11979 Payback: Straight Up - The Director's Cut (1999)2007-04-101080pUSA 
BCHA-2 Patlabor: The Movie (1989)2007-07-271080pJapan 
BCHA-3 Patlabor 2: The Movie (1993)2007-08-241080pJapan 
32839C Patch Adams (1998)1080pCanada 
61032839 Patch Adams (1998)2007-09-251080pUSA 
??? Pat Metheny Group: Way Up - Live (2005)2006-10-031080pUSA
??? Pat Metheny Group: The Way Up - Live1080pUSA
VAHD-1003 Pat Metheny Group: The Way Up - Live2006-11-221080pJapan
HC021008 Parfum, Das: Die Geschichte eines Morders (2006)2007-03-141080pGermany 
??? Paragraf 78 (Paragraph 78) (2007)1080pRussia 
886972 19669 Pans Labyrinth (2006)1080pGermany 
1000032076 Pan's Labyrinth (2006)2007-12-261080pUSA 
OPTHD0756 Pan's Labyrinth (2006)1080pUnited Kingdom 
302 345-7 Pacte des loups, Le (2001)20071080pFrance 
BIHJ-0001 Pacchigi! (2004)2006-05-261080pJapan 
66104296 P2 (2007)20081080pUSA 
3000016724 P.S. I Love You1080pCanada 
3000016256 P.S. I Love You (2007)2008-05-271080pUSA 
VAHD-1002 Overtime1080iJapan
TDHY-9010 Out of Time (2003)2006-11-241080iJapan 
IVL332265 Out of Sight1080pHong Kong
UNSH-25488 Out of Sight1080pJapan
31290 Out of Sight (1998)2006-10-241080pUSA 
825 313 3 Out of Sight (1998)20071080pUnited Kingdom 
825 367 1A Out of Sight (1998)1080pAustralia 
825 385 9 Out of Sight (1998)20071080pGermany 
115675 Out for Justice (1991)2007-07-241080pUSA 
825 478 3 Operation: Kingdom (2007)20081080pGermany 
30563 Operation: Desert Stormy1080pUSA 
Z4 80943 Operación Swordfish (2001)1080pSpain 
PCHA-50002 Ono Mayumi: Overture720pJapan
12170 One Six Right: The Romance of Flying (2005)2007-03-011080pUSA
3000016540 One Missed Call (Un appel manqué): Combo (2008)1080pCanada 
1000027428 One Missed Call: Combo (2008)2008-05-131080pUSA 
??? One Last Thing (2005)2006-09-261080pUSA 
900051 Omega Man, The (Le survivant) (1971)1080pCanada 
118537 Omega Man, The (1971)2007-11-271080pUSA 
???? Oliver Twist (2005)1080pGermany 
PCHE-50001 Oliver Twist (2005)2006-08-251080iJapan 
13143 Old School (2003)2007-11-271080pUSA 
TDHY-9005 Old Boy (2003)2006-07-281080pJapan 
TVP 163 Oficerowie 21080iPoland
TVP 162 Oficerowie 11080iPoland
80938 Ocean's Twelve (2004)2008-05-201080pUSA 
WBHA-80938 Ocean's Twelve (2004)1080pJapan 
Z1 80938 Ocean's Twelve (2004)1080pUnited Kingdom 
Z11 80938 Ocean's Twelve (2004)1080pSweden 
Z5 80938 Ocean's Twelve (2004)20071080pGermany 
118234-93OVS Ocean's Trilogy: Giftset (2007)2007-11-131080pUSA
113923 Ocean's Thirteen: Combo (2007)2007-06-081080pUSA 
WBHA-Y18223 Ocean's Thirteen (2007)1080pJapan 
Z1 Y13923 Ocean's Thirteen (2007)1080pUnited Kingdom 
Z11 Y18223 Ocean's Thirteen (2007)20071080pSweden 
Z12 Y18223 Ocean's Thirteen (2007)1080pNorway 
118234 Ocean's Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen.1080pCanada
Y2095865Ocean's Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen. <== TITLE PENDING VALIDATION1080pFrance
Z5 Y20958 Ocean's Eleven. Twelve. Thirteen. (2007)1080pGermany
Z4 80964 Ocean's Eleven1080pSpain
HD80964 Ocean's Eleven (2001)1080pUnited Kingdom 
WBHA-80964 Ocean's Eleven (2001)2008-05-011080pJapan 
Z1 80964 Ocean's Eleven (2001)1080pUnited Kingdom 
Z11 80964 Ocean's Eleven (2001)1080pSweden 
Z5 80964 Ocean's Eleven (2001)20071080pGermany 
Z5 Y18223 Ocean's 13 (2007)20071080pGermany 
80964 Ocean's 11 (2001)2008-05-201080pUSA 
61101159 Nutty Professor, The (1996)2007-04-241080pUSA 
61032906 Nutty Professor II: The Klumps (2000)2007-07-241080pUSA 
32906C Nutty Professor 2: The Klumps (Nigaud de professeur 2) (2000)1080pCanada 
302 346-6 Nous étions soldats (2002)20071080pFrance 
01511C Notting Hill (1999)1080pCanada 
61101511 Notting Hill (1999)2007-08-281080pUSA 
12457 Norbit (2007)2007-06-051080pUSA 
AUPHD3539 Norbit (2007)1080pAustralia 
HSL 1022 Norbit (2007)20071080pUnited Kingdom 
Z7 80954 Noces funèbres, Les1080pFrance
36367 No Reservations1080pCanada
??? No Reservations: Combo (2007)2008-03-041080pUSA 
WBHA-Y20800 No Reservations (2007)2008-02-291080pJapan 
Z1 Y16074 No Reservations (2008)1080pUnited Kingdom
116781 Nip/Tuck: Season 4 (2006)20071080pUSA 
INTR-12034-9 Nine Inch Nails: Live: Beside You In Time [HD-DVD Sampler]1080pUSA
0602517206823 Nine Inch Nails: Live: Beside You In Time1080pUnited Kingdom
B0008385-09 Nine Inch Nails: Live - Beside You in Time (2007)2007-02-271080pUSA 
PCHE-50006 NHK Special: Eizoshi Satoyama Inochi Meguru Mizube2006-12-201080iJapan
13129 Next (2007)2007-09-251080pUSA 
AUPHD3561 Next (2007)1080pAustralia 
??? New Orleans Concert: Music of America's Soul: Combo (2006)2006-10-031080pUSA
00109 New Orleans Concert, The: The Music of America's Soul1080iUSA
88697 17726 9 Neues vom Wixxer1080pGermany 
??? Nero Bifamiliare1080pItaly 
825 314 0 Né un 4 juillet (1989)1080pFrance 
??? Natures Journey & Ultimate DVD Promo1080pUSA
00113 Natures Colors1080pUSA
??? Nature's Journey (2007)2007-09-111080iUSA
80962 National Lampoons: Christmas Vacation (1989)2006-12-051080pUSA 
Z5 80962 National Lampoon's Schöne Bescherung (Christmas Vacation) (1989)20061080pGermany 
Z1 80962 National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation1080pUnited Kingdom
HD80962 National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation (1989)1080pUnited Kingdom 
30022 National Lampoon's Animal House: Combo (1978)2006-08-151080pUSA 
61030022 National Lampoon's Animal House: Combo (1978)2006-08-151080pUSA 
G75196 National Geographic: Relentless Enemies (2006)2007-03-271080pUSA 
PCHE-50008 Naqoyqatsi - Life as War (2002)2007-04-181080pJapan 
??? Naked Beneath the WaterCancelled1080pUSA 
AUPHD3525 Nacho Libre1080pAustralia
11974 Nacho Libre (2006)2006-11-071080pUSA 
HSP 1011 Nacho Libre (2006)20071080pUnited Kingdom 
PPWH-112101 Nacho Libre (2006)2007-03-231080pJapan 
HDDVD 2000 Mystische Wälder (Mystic Forest)1080pGermany
??? Mystic Forest (2006)2008-03-181080pUSA
??? Mystery of the Nile1080pUSA
32836C Mystery Men (Les supposés héros) (1999)1080pCanada 
61032836 Mystery Men (1999)2007-06-261080pUSA 
79213 Mutiny on the Bounty (1962)2006-11-141080pUSA 
WBHA-Y11287 Music and Lyrics1080pJapan 
Z1 Y11287 Music and Lyrics1080pUnited Kingdom
111287 Music and Lyrics: Combo (2007)2007-06-121080pUSA 
30031C Mummy, The (La Momie) (1999)1080pCanada 
824 925 3 Mummy, The1080pSpain
824 940 1A Mummy, The1080pAustralia 
30031 Mummy, The (1999)2006-11-281080pUSA 
824 857 6 Mummy, The (1999)20071080pUnited Kingdom 
824 926 2 Mummy, The (1999)1080pNordic Release 
824 925 4 Mummy Returns, The1080pSpain
2000872 Mummy Returns, The (2001)20071080pUSA 
32808C Mummy Returns, The (2001)1080pCanada 
61032808 Mummy Returns, The (2001)2007-01-161080pUSA 
824 857 7 Mummy Returns, The (2001)20071080pUnited Kingdom 
824 926 3 Mummy Returns, The (2001)1080pNordic Release 
8249402A Mummy Returns, The (2001)1080pAustralia 
825 425 8 Mummy Legends, The (1999)1080pUnited Kingdom
824 879 5 Mumie, Die (1999)20071080pGermany 
824 879 6 Mumie kehrt zurück, Die (Mummy Returns, The) (2001)20071080pGermany 
302 345-6 Mulholland Drive (2001)1080pFrance 
OPTHD0006 Mulholland Drive (2001)1080pUnited Kingdom 
825 074 9 Mr.Bean macht Ferien (Mr.Bean's Holiday) (2007)20071080pGermany 
02737C Mr. Bean's Holiday: Combo (2007)20081080pCanada 
61102737 Mr. Bean's Holiday: Combo (2007)2007-11-271080pUSA 
825 051 6 Mr. Bean's Holiday (2007)1080pNordic Release 
825 094 6 Mr. Bean's Holiday (2007)20071080pUnited Kingdom
825 148 5 Mr. Bean's Holiday (2007)1080pUnited Kingdom 
HD001 Mr. & Mrs. Smith1080iPoland 
OA HD5002 D Mozart: Die Zauberflote (2003)2007-10-301080pUnited Kingdom
SPV 99288 Motörhead: Stage Fright (2005)1080pGermany
SPV 99288 Motorhead: Stage Fright (2006)2007-10-231080pUSA
F4HD50003 Motorcycle Diaries, The (2004)2008-03-311080pUnited Kingdom 
32937C Monty Python: The Meaning of Life (Le sens de la vie) (1983)1080pCanada 
61032937 Monty Python: The Meaning of Life (1983)20071080pUSA 
61032937 Monty Python: The Meaning of Life (1983)2007-06-121080pUSA 
824 825 0 Momie, La1080pFrance 
??? Môme, La1080pFrance 
32952C Mobsters (Jeunes mafiosi) (1991)1080pCanada 
61032952 Mobsters (1991)2008-01-081080pUSA 
29673 Mobster's Ball1080pUSA 
BIBJ-7573 Mobile Detective: The Movie 2 (Kêtai Deka the movie 2 - Ishikawa Goemon ichizoku no inbô - kettô! Gorugoda-no-mori ) (2007)2008-03-211080pJapan 
BIHJ-0003 Mobile Detective: The Movie (Kêtai Deka the movie - Baberu no Tô no himitsu: Zenigata shimai e no chôsenjô)1080pJapan 
Z5 Y11287 Mitten ins Herz - Ein Song für Dich (2007)20071080pGermany 
11993 Mission: Impossible: Ultimate Missions Collection2006-10-301080pUSA
HSP 1003 Mission: Impossible: Ultimate Missions Collection1080pUnited Kingdom
PPWH-1000 Mission: Impossible: Ultimate Missions Collection2006-11-171080pJapan
PPWH-110291 Mission: Impossible III1080pJapan 
P4200 05 Mission: Impossible 3 (M:i:III)1080pGermany 
11848 Mission: Impossible 3 (2006)2006-10-301080pUSA 
314779 Mission: impossible 3 (2006)20071080pFrance 
P4200 07 Mission: Impossible 2 (M:I-2)1080pGermany
11991 Mission: Impossible 2 (M:I-2) (2000)2007-05-221080pUSA 
314832 Mission: impossible 21080pFrance
P4200 08 Mission: Impossible - Ultimate Missions Collection1080pGermany 
314831 Mission: Impossible1080pFrance 
11988 Mission: Impossible (1996)2007-05-221080pUSA 
P4200 06 Mission Impossible: Special Collector's Edition1080pGermany
302 394-0 Mise à  prix1080pFrance
21498 Mio nome è Nessuno, Il (My Name is Nobody) (1973)1080pItaly 
302 345-4 Million Dollar Baby1080pFrance 
80937 Million Dollar Baby (2004)2006-04-181080pUSA 
300305Million Dolar Baby <== TITLE PENDING VALIDATION1080pSpain
AUPHD3564 Mighty Heart, A1080pAustralia 
13176 Mighty Heart, A (2007)2007-10-161080pUSA 
HSP 1030 Mighty heart, A (2007)1080pUnited Kingdom
32814C Midnight Run (1988)1080pCanada 
61032814 Midnight Run (1988)2007-05-291080pUSA 
3000015007 Michael Clayton: Combo (2007)2008-03-111080pUSA 
824 671 8 Miami Vice - Deux flics à Miami (2006)1080pFrance 
30032C Miami Vice (Deux flics à Miami): Combo (2006)1080pCanada 
824 716 7 Miami Vice1080pUnited Kingdom 
824 778 0 Miami Vice1080pAustralia 
Complete HD DVD List
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