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Added by tonld

Added on: 22/04/2014
Latest update: 28/11/2017
User updates processed: 3

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Diamond International Ballroom Dancing: Mandarin Songs with Romanized Spelling vol.4 (1995) [JDG-005]

鑽石舞曲精選 4 (cover)

Country  Taiwan  
Released  ???
Publisher  Jient Ya Trading Co., Ltd.
Price  ???

UPC  ???
Category  Karaoke

Color  Color
Length  80 min.
Sides  2
Chapters  25
Size  12"
Picture  Video
Ratio  1.33:1
Plastic  Transparent
Cover  Standard
Rot status  None reported
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Manufactured by  Pioneer Japan



 Sound Encoding  Digital Tracks  Analog Left  Analog Right 
 Musical Score
 Spoken Language  Subtitles 
MandarinEnglish / Chinese
(in picture)

 Mint Marks sample 
JDG-005-A01-P 0950I722
JDG-005-B01-P 0951I722

 Additional Information by tonld    08/07/2014 - Last update: 28/11/2017 

As the title indicates, this karaoke LD is all about dancing. The videos are just two people dancing to the songs, following the rhythm. The publisher name is listed as "Diamond Entertainment Co., Ltd.", but the style of the artwork appears to indicate Jient Ya Trading Co., Ltd. Each songs has comes with Roman Spelling on top of the normal Chinese characters.

Lyrics are shown at the bottom of the screen for sing-along. Vocals are only on the analog tracks. But in fact, this LD (and this series) was also released by Jient Ya Trading Co., Ltd. with different tracklisting, also comes with no Roman Spelling on the top of the Chinese characters. The videos can be seen on YouTube.

The back cover shows both Mandarin and the English-language title of this LD, while the front cover only shows the Mandarin title. The Mandarin title of this LD is 鑽石舞曲精選 4, which is also the original name for this series. The back cover also credits the dancers names for this karaoke LD. In the chapter 0 of side A, it shows only the Mandarin title of this LD for about 6-7 seconds, then song number 1 starts. This LD is different unlike the other LDs by Jient Ya Trading Co., Ltd., in which side A usually begins with a brief chapter numbered 0, naming the scenic locations where the videos were shot.

This LD came with a gold-colored disc, unlike the other LDs which is silver/aluminium. Jacket wrongly listed running time as 90 minutes.

Track List:

  • 往事只能回味 (Wang Se Ce Nen Huei Wei)
  • 風淒淒意綿綿 (Fung Chi Chi Ie Mien Mien)
  • 偷吻 (Thou Wen)
  • 鍾山春 (Cong San Chun)
  • 回想曲 (Huei Siang Chi)
  • 夜來香 (Ye Lai Siang)
  • 茶葉青 (Cha Ye Ching)
  • 加多一點點 (Cia Tuo Ik Tien Tien)
  • 江水向東流 (Ciang Sui Siang Tung Liu)
  • 搖搖搖 (Yau Yau Yau)
  • 明月千里寄相思 (Ming Yek Chien Lie Chi Siang Se)
  • 情人橋 (Ching Jen Chiau)
  • 三年 (San Nien)
  • 不了情 (Pu Liau Ching)
  • 我要為你歌唱 (Wo Yau Wei Ni Ke Chang)
  • 兩相依 (Liang Siang Ie)
  • 上花轎 (Sang Hua Ciau)
  • 情人再見 (Ching Jen Cai Cien)
  • 藍色的夢 (Lan Se Ti Mung)
  • 過去的春夢 (Kuo Chi Ti Chun Mung)
  • 夕陽西沉 (Si Yang Si Chen)
  • 無花果 (U Hua Kuo)
  • 愛神的箭 (Ai Sen Ti Cien)
  • 心戀 (Sing Lien)