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Added by je280
Cover by je280

Added on: 30/03/2014

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1986 F-1 Review (1986) [MCLF-001]

Country  Japan  
Released  ???
Publisher  ???
Price  12000 JPY

UPC  ???
Category  Sports

Color  Color
Length  119 min.
Sides  2
Chapters  17
Size  12"
Picture  Video
Ratio  1.33:1
Plastic  Transparent
Cover  Standard
Rot status  Low probability [?]
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Manufactured by  Kuraray



 Sound Encoding  Digital Tracks  Analog Tracks 
 Spoken Language  Subtitles 
English No subtitle 

 Mint Marks sample 
MCLF-001-A01-K   4H100466
MCLF-001-B02-K   4H100544

 Additional Information by je280    07/04/2014 

Laserdisc users who also liked Formula One were very well served for many years by Pioneer on the format. From 1987 Pioneer began issuing an ongoing series of discs until 1997 when the last F-1 disc was issued. They covered the ongoing seasons over the years & also released some lovely boxed sets plus special subject discs. They retro-released the earlier years (pre '87) on two multi disc boxed sets - 1970 to 1980 on [PILW-1231] & 1981 to 1985 on [PILW-1183] which brought the F-1 seasons covered by Pioneer from 1970 to 1996 with the exception of the 1986 season.

I did try to enquired as to why Pioneer never released or included in a box set a disc that covered '86 & was eventually told that it may have been due to a "rights or licensing" issue. I was informed that there may have been a "commissioned" laserdisc that was pressed in very low numbers & covered this (\86) season which may have been released around about 1990-ish but could not get any further details or confirmation on this.

I acquired this disc a little while ago, an unexpected & lucky find. It is the 1986 F-1 GP Championship as released on VHS video by Duke Marketing shortly after the season end. Commentary is by Clive James with no Japanese language track or subtitles - it comes with a 20 page (24 including the cover) booklet with the commentary translated into Japanese.

This may have been a "solo" release. The reference number is MCLF-001 & no others look to have followed this. The cover, obi & disc carry no clues as to the release date - they only carry the "FOCA 1986" copyright, the year of the original Duke VHS issues. Also no barcode anywhere & I would think a release intended for the usual retail market would have one if issued after 1990.

It appears that MC International Inc (a Japanese company exporting & importing cycle & motorcycle parts) & Cycle Vision Mac commissioned this & sold it through MC International outlets & via mail order in Japan.

The cover price is 12000 Yen which was almost three times the usual price for most single F-1 laserdisc releases.

The last text in the booklet is..... "Copyright: 1986 by FOCA. Japanease(sic) Translation Rights arranged with MC International Inc through Duku (sic) Marketing Ltd."

This disc brings the F-1 seasons covered to a solid 26 years straight thru from 1970 to 1996 on the laserdisc format.