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Added by tonld

Added on: 03/11/2011
Latest update: 18/08/2015
User updates processed: 3

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Top Hits Chinese New Year Songs (1992) [JLD-138]

賀新年金曲專輯 (cover)

Country  Taiwan  
Released  ???
Publisher  Jient Ya Trading Co., Ltd.
Price  ???

UPC  4711745001561UPC=4711745001561
Category  Karaoke

Color  Color
Length  90 min.
Sides  2
Chapters  30
Size  12"
Picture  Video
Ratio  1.33:1
Plastic  ???
Cover  ???
Rot status  None reported
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Manufactured by  ???



 Sound Encoding  Digital Tracks  Analog Left  Analog Right 
 Musical ScoreMusical Score
 Spoken Language  Subtitles 
(in picture)

 Mint Marks sample 
JLD-138  A  2Z161255
JLD-138  B  1Z271225

 Additional Information by tonld    18/02/2014 

This laserdisc album contains 29 Chinese New Year Songs, 15 on side A and 14 on side B. The official English name for this LD is "Top Hits Chinese New Year Songs". Analog tracks contain complete versions of each songs with guiding vocals for practice. Digital tracks contain only background vocals and music.

Each song has Roman Spelling on top of the normal Chinese characters. The cover and the songlist do not have any Roman Spelling. Side A begins with a brief chapter numbered 0, naming the scenic locations where the music videos were shot. Oddly enough, even though the year 1991 is written on the LD disc, this album was actually made around 1992-going-onto-1993 since the jacket of JLD-137 (陳沖專輯 Joan Chen Karaoke LD) says November 1992.


  • 賀新年 (He Sin Nien)
  • 恭禧恭禧 (Kung Shi Kung Shi)
  • 賀年 (He Nien)
  • 新年頌 (Sin Nien Sung)
  • 招財進寶 (Cao Chai Cing Pau)
  • 迎新年 (Ing Sin Nien)
  • 祝你新年快樂 (Cu Ni Sin Nien Khuai Le)
  • 齊來迎接歡樂年 (Chi Lai Ing Cie Khuai Le Nien)
  • 春聯紅 (Chuen Lien Hung)
  • 歡樂年年 (Huan Le Nien Nien)
  • 萬事如意 (Wan Se Ju Ie)
  • 春之晨 (Chuen Ce Chen)
  • 萬年紅 (Wan Nien Hung)
  • 迎春接福 (Ing Chuen Cie Fu)
  • 大家恭禧 (Ta Cia Kung Shi)
  • 恭禧發財 (Kung Shi Fa Chai)
  • 福星高照 (Fu Sing Kao Cau)
  • 財神到 (Chai Sen Tau)
  • 小拜年 (Siau Pai Nien)
  • 開心新年 (Khai Sin Sin Nien)
  • 恭禧大家過新年 (Kung Shi Ta Cia Kuo Sin Nien)
  • 一起來過年 (Ik Chi Lai Kuo Nien)
  • 新年樂 (Sin Nien Le)
  • 拜大年 (Pai Ta Nien)
  • 新年好 (Sin Nien Hau)
  • 接財神 (Cie Chai Sen)
  • 新年喜洋洋 (Sin Nien Shi Yang Yang)
  • 嘻嘻哈哈過新年 (Si Si Ha Ha Kuo Sin Nien)
  • 恭禧您 (Kung Shi Ning)