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Collection:2018th (101)   Ask:$9.98
Wishlist:7106th (7)
Shops: 8 copies available

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Added by etvideo1
Cover by thepenguin

Added on: 05/12/2003
Latest update: 31/10/2019
User updates processed: 7

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Olivia Newton-John: Physical (1982) [74-017]

Olivia, Physical (cover)

Country  USA  
Released  06/1981
Publisher  MCA Videodisc
Price  24.95 USD

UPC  (none)
I-S-B-N  (none)
Category  Musical

Color  Color
Length  53 min.
Sides  2
Chapters  13
Size  12"
Picture  Video
Ratio  1.33:1
Plastic  Transparent
Cover  Standard
Rot status  Low probability [?]
Manufactured by  Pioneer Japan



 Sound Encoding  Analog Tracks 
 Spoken Language  Subtitles 
English No subtitle 

 Mint Marks sample 
74-017-A01   5A120928
74-017-B04   9B270541

 Additional Information by everything_place (416)     25/01/2009 

Track List:

  • Landslide
  • Magic
  • Physical
  • Carried Away
  • A Little More Love
  • Recovery
  • The Promise (The Dolphin Song)
  • Love Make Me Strong
  • Stranger's Touch
  • Make A Move On Me
  • Falling
  • Silvery Rain
  • Hopelessly Devoted

 Additional Information by ratkins    20/05/2009 

This title was the first MCA Videodisc release. It has the blue Discovision disclaimer at end of program.

 Additional Information by disclord    18/11/2013 

Called "The Wonder Of LaserVision" by CD Review in 1985 and winner of Video Magazines 1981 Best Videodisc award. Audio was mastered from timecode interlocked 1/2 inch DBX Type-I encoded open reel tape for optimum sound quality. Video was from 2-inch helical IVC-9000 VTR NTSC composite tape format with full bandwidth luma and chroma.

Physical was the first title released that was encoded with CBS modified CX-14 Noise Reduction, although not the first manufactured. From pressing information, the first CX title pressed was the Magnetic Video title "The Rose" although it wasn't released until much, much later. The actual second retail CX release was Pioneer Artists "Elephant Parts".

There are both American and Japanese CAV pressings of the MCA Videodisc release of Physical. Mild rot/speckling on side 2 of the Japanese pressing is quite common. Pressed by both Kofu, Japan and Carson, USA. The Japanese pressings are far more common. Both Japanese made disc jackets and American made jackets were widely used, with a 'Made In Japan' sticker on the American jackets holding Japanese pressings. Dropped from MCA's catalog in 1986 and never reissued in the USA.