I’ve seen things you people wouldn’t believe. T-Rex attacks in high definition on MUSE Hi-Vision. I watched red laser beam glitter in the dark near disc surface. All those moments will be lost in time, like tears in rain.
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Added by criteriondude (8)
Cover by thepenguin

Added on: 21/02/2003
Latest update: 27/09/2023
User updates processed: 9

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Lawnmower Man, The: Unrated Director's Cut (1992) (Uncut) [75896]

Country  USA  
Released  26/08/1992
Publisher  Columbia Tri-Star Video
Price  39.95 USD

UPC  043396758964UPC=043396758964ISBN=0-8001-1730-1
I-S-B-N  0-8001-1730-1
Category  Sci-Fi
Rating  Not rated

Color  Color
Length  141 min.
Sides  3
Chapters  46
Size  12"
Picture  Pan & Scan
Ratio  1.33:1
Plastic  Transparent
Cover  Standard
Rot status  Low probability [?]
Manufactured by  * Multiple Sites *



 Sound Encoding  Digital Tracks  Analog Tracks 
 Spoken Language  Subtitles  CC 
English No subtitle  English 

 Mint Marks sample 

Pioneer USA:
52-879A1-01  13C80736
52-879B1-07  13C80638
52-879C1-02  13C80416
07-400B6-03  13C80019

 Additional Information by avanteproject    06/10/2010 

The back of the sleeve features production notes with comments from Director Brett Leonard.

 Additional Information by harveytwh    11/09/2019 

At least two editions of this title exist. Both have the exact same catalog number, UPC, and ISBN, but if the manufacturers did their job, the later edition has stickers all over the sleeve, obscuring mentions of Stephen King, who wanted his name off the movie. The older version has mint marks corresponding to the Pioneer pressings and has chapters but no table of contents; it also bears Stephen King's name in the opening credits (shortly after the four executive producers, over a shot of Angelo and the next shot of Peter getting smacked, it says "Based on a Short Story by STEPHEN KING"). The newer version has mint marks corresponding to the DADC pressings, table of contents, and Stephen King's name removed (the shots just don't have the optical composite). King's name would return, in fact, in the special edition laserdisc, [ID3206LI].

The stickers on the redacted sleeve are meant to be very hard to remove, although the white ones leave the text partially legible. There are four, covering this text:

  1. BASED ON A STORY BY STEPHEN KING on the front cover, near the dark bottom of the poster art (black sticker that blends in well)
  2. Two paragraphs of the essay on the back, under a wide white sticker. It reads: It began with Stephen King's short story, "The Lawnmower Man." The film version was assigned to director/screenwriter Brett Leonard who merged King's original plotline (about a gardener who cuts down his employers as well as grass) with his own original screenplay, "Cybergod," a story that explored a concept called virtual reality.
    "The original seven-page short story could not have been expanded into a feature film, so when Allied Vision came to us, we realized we had to change it. We took the Lawnmower Man character and created a cautionary tale about this new technology of virtual reality."
  3. BASED ON A STORY BY STEPHEN KING again on the back cover, above the credits (black sticker)
  4. based on a story by STEPHEN KING among the back cover credits, between screenplay and producer credits, even though that placement and wording differs from the onscreen credits (white sticker that is far too tall)