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Added by admin (318)
Cover by admin (318)

Added on: 18/12/2002
Latest update: 29/03/2019
User updates processed: 3

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Infinite Escher/The Works of M.C. Escher (1990) [CSLW 1219]

インフィニット・エッシャー/ワークス・オブ・M.C.エッシャー (cover)

Country  Japan  
Street Date  01/05/1990
Publisher  CBS/SONY Records
Price  4757 JPY

UPC  4988009121987UPC=4988009121987
I-S-B-N  (none)
Category  Visual Arts

Color  Color
Length  40 min.
Side  1
Chapters  24
Size  12"
Picture  Letterboxed
Ratio  1.78:1
Plastic  Transparent
Cover  Standard
Rot status  None reported
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Manufactured by  DADC Japan



 Sound Encoding  Digital Tracks  Analog Tracks 
 Spoken Language  Subtitles 
English No subtitle 

 Mint Marks sample 
CSLW-1219-A 4   07102171
DN-1-B 19       07110764

 Additional Information by admin (318)   18/12/2002 - Last update: 16/06/2007 

A very curious LD including about two documentaries initially shot in Hi-Vision with SONY HDVS Technology:

  • Infinite Escher

    Escher works provided by Masaharu Kohga: Gallery FACE
    the boy: Sean Ono Lennon
    directed by John Sanborn, Mary Perillo, Dean Winkler
    music by Ryuchi Sakamoto
    art consultant: Nam June Paik
    project originated by Hiroe Ishii
    screenplay by Michael Kaplan, John Levenstein
    coordinating producer: Debbie Lepsinger
    production coordinated by SANBORN, PERILLO & COMPANY, INC
    HD production by REBO STUDIO
    3D computer animation created at POST PERFECT, INC.

  • The Works of M.C. Escher/Selection from Kohga Collection

    curated by Izumi Satoh, Kenji Numajiri
    Masako Imai, Yoko Ehara, Yuko Hiruma
    directed by John Sanborn
    music directed by Ryuichi Sakamoto
    shot at Animation Staff Room

8 page insert in both English and Japanese describing planning and shooting process as well as participants background, Escher biography and the complete list of Escher works chapter by chapter.

Might also contain a 66 page B&W booklet with same contents as insert (in Japanese) as well as a complete English translation.

 Additional Information by n$a (290)   08/05/2005 - Last update: 16/06/2007 

The "Infinite Escher" segment (10 minutes) was also released in broadband Hi-Vision as [00QW-9006], "The Works of..." was released as [00QW-9007].