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Added by joshzyber (1)
Cover by thepenguin

Added on: 09/10/2002
Latest update: 26/07/2023
User updates processed: 16

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Toy Story: Deluxe CAV Laserdisc Edition (1995) [8847 CS]

Country  USA  
Released  18/12/1996
Publisher  Walt Disney Home Video
Price  124.99 USD

UPC  786936017670UPC=786936017670
Category  Computer Animation
Rating  G

Color  Color
Length  81 min.
Sides  8
Chapters  96
Size  12"
Picture  Letterboxed
Ratio  1.77:1
Plastic  Transparent
Cover  Box Set
Rot status  Low probability [?]
Manufactured by  Kuraray



Intro Dolby (none) Intro THX TEX 
 Sound Encoding  Digital Tracks  Analog Left  Analog Right 
 Spoken Language  Subtitles  CC 
English No subtitle  English 

 Mint Marks sample 
8847CS-A03-K 142C0674
8847CS-B10-K 1P420672
8847CS-C02-K 0L256856
8847CS-D01-K 025B6810
8847CS-E02-K 1L376399
8847CS-F02-K 031D6441
8847CS-G03-K 138A0725
8847CS-H03-K 138B0705

 Additional Information by joshzyber (1)   09/10/2002 

Another of Disney's wonderful CAV box sets, this big silver box (that's actually kind of ugly and is too tall to fit on most shelves, truth be told) contains tons of great supplemental content: audio commentary, documentaries, storyboards, production art, computer graphics footage, and just about every little thing you could want to know about the making of the movie. Also, significantly, it contains all of the Pixar short films that didn't make it to the DVD.

Included in the box is an artbook of stills from the movie and a piece of 3D lenticular art.

 Additional Information by laserlord (43)     23/08/2012 

The one and only laserdisc that contains the "THX Tex" trailer, which makes is very collectible for home theatre fans.

 Additional Information by tucky66 (2)   13/03/2013 - Last update: 03/04/2013 

  • Limited edition of 15,000 copies!
  • THX-mastered transfer, presented entirely in the full-feature CAV standard play format
  • Audio commentaries by director John Lasseter, producers Ralph Guggenheim and Bonnie Arnold, supervising animator Pete Docier, story co-creator Andrew Stanton, supervisor technical director William Reeves and art director Ralph Eggleston on analog track 1
  • The first ever LaserDisc release of all 5 groundbreaking Pixar shorts including:
    • The Adventure of AndrĂ© and Wally B. (1984) 1:55min. Internet Movie Database LaserDisc Database
    • Luxo Jr. (1986) 2:10min. Internet Movie Database LaserDisc Database
    • Red's Dream (1987) 4:15min. Internet Movie Database LaserDisc Database
    • Tin Toy (1988) 5:15min. Internet Movie Database LaserDisc Database
    • Knickknack (1989) 3:50min. Internet Movie Database LaserDisc Database
  • The Story Behind Disney's Toy Story: A 28-minute behind-the-scenes documentary of the creation of the animated feature
  • Demo versions of Randy Newman's songs plus rare demo versions of songs deleted during the film's production on the analog channels on side 5
  • History and development of the story and production
  • Early concept art and animation tests
  • Design and development of characters
  • Storyboards and storyreels
  • Abandoned concepts and characters
  • Outtakes and never-before-seen deleted animation
  • Multi-language reel, 3 theatrical trailers and 4 TV commercials, publicity and promotional material, and much more...
  • One-of-a-kind 3-D commemorative lenticular artwork showcasing "The Wonder of Computer Animation"
  • The Art of Disney's Toy Story: A Special Edition Book featuring exclusive Toy Story visuals and conceptual artwork

 Additional Information by jakeheke (8)   29/03/2020 

The Knickknack Pixar short film is in its original unedited form. It was later changed to avoid being sexually suggestive.

 Additional Information by subliminalvibes (12)   20/01/2023 

Side 3 - frame 15283 contains a rendering error. Whilst the foreground grass and bushes were rendered in colour, the picket fence and object behind it (car and houses) are rendered in grayscale.

Three next frame 15284 (and all subsequent frames) are fine.