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Added by cyclograph (5)
Cover by shill66 and laserking (36)

Added on: 09/10/2002
Latest update: 31/03/2016
User updates processed: 6

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Brazil: Special Edition #196 (1985) [CC1348L]

Country  USA    
Released  02/10/1996
Publisher  Criterion
Price  149.95 USD

UPC  715515003995UPC=715515003995ISBN=1-5594-0352-7
I-S-B-N  1-5594-0352-7
Collection  Criterion Collection
Category  Sci-Fi

Color  Color
Length  142 min.
Sides  10
Chapters  104
Size  12"
Picture  Letterboxed
Ratio  1.85:1
Plastic  Transparent
Cover  Box Set
Rot status  None reported
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Manufactured by  Kuraray



 Sound Encoding  Digital Tracks  Analog Left  Analog Right 
 Spoken Language  Subtitles 
English No subtitle 

 Mint Marks sample 
CC1348L-1-A06-K 108J0825
CC1348L-1-B03-K 108H0770
CC1348L-2-C05-K 1L080207
CC1348L-2-D02-K M080324
CC1348L-3-E03-K 1N080084
CC1348L-3-F05-K 1P080036
CC1348L-4-G02-K 192E0956
CC1348L-4-H04-K 192F0950
CC1348L-5-I03-K 192G0872
CC1348L-5-J03-K 192H0908

 Additional Information by n$a (290)   08/06/2008 

Comes with 4 pages color insert.

 Additional Information by tucky66 (2)   31/03/2016 

  • The World Premiere of Terry Gilliam's complete 142-minute final cut, presented entirely in the full-feature CAV standard play format
  • A new pristine digital widescreen transfer with digitally restored optical effects, created under the supervision of director Terry Gilliam
  • Full-color booklet with photos, notes and chapter stops
  • Audio commentary by Terry Gilliam on analog track 2
  • The Production Notebook...included in this program: A supplement introduction by Terry Gilliam, the original theatrical trailer, 100 production and publicity stills, screenwriters Tom Stoppard and Charles McKeown illuminate the script's development through 3 drafts and 3 treatments, 300 script development still frames, production designer Norman Garwood displays his designs for Brazil's unique sets (250 still frames), costume designer James Acheson explores the couture of fashion, fantasy, and facism including screen-specific commentary by James Acheson on the digital tracks with additional comments on the analog tracks, Terry Gilliam's original dream sequences in storyboards (over 400 stills) including hundreds of shots that never made it to the screen, composer Michael Kamen unveils the sources of his score, a study of the special effects includes raw footage of unfinished effects, a comparison of the various versions of "Brazil"
  • "What is BRAZIL?" Internet Movie Database LaserDisc Database A 30-minute rare, witty 1985 on-set documentary featuring Terry Gilliam, Michael Palin, Tom Stoppard, Charles McKeown, Kim Griest, Jonathan Pryce, and other key members of the cast and crew, also contains a deleted special-effects sequence
  • The Battle of BRAZIL Internet Movie Database LaserDisc Database A Video History: "The Battle of Brazil"- author Jack Mathews reassembles the players in the famous battle of "Brazil's" U.S. release in this original 55-minute 1996 Criterion documentary. Terry Gilliam, producer Arnon Milchan and several studio executives close the book on one of the noisiest, most unusual and most instructive controversies in Hollywood history.
  • BRAZIL: The "Love Conquers All" Version with audio annotation by David Morgan on the analog tracks, this 94-minute version of Brazil, rearranged in the hope of making the film commercial, stands as a fascinating document of the power of editing to change a picture. Everything is different in this, the only Brazil not cut by Terry Gilliam. Sometimes known as the syndicated television version, it includes all the cuts and changes Gilliam refused to make, from the alternate opening to the infamous happy ending.