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You never know what you're gonna get
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Happy New Year 2019!

I eventually quit my job and left Singapore end of last year. Back to French life for a little while, and looking for a new new job right now. I resumed coding and improving whenever possible and covers will soon start to be added regularly. Next big step will be the hardware section for Players, Remove Controls, AC3RF demodulators, etc.

If you're having issues to reach the Private Messages on the forum (empty page or endless loading loop), try these steps:

  1. Access from then
  2. Double-check your URL starts with https.
  3. If still nothing, try visiting and make sure "Cookie secure" is checked before validating.

Always feel free to make a small contribution to help pay for the monthly hosting costs if you think was useful to you in any way. Your name will join the list of current contributors and be engraved in stone for the posterity!

Shops Covers Added Updated Sold
 Point Break  [1870-85]
   $8.98 [NTSC/LBX/SRD/+CAV]
 Philadelphia Story, The  [ML102545]
   $5.98 [NTSC]
 Patton  [1005-85]
   $1.98 [NTSC/LBX]
 Out of Africa  [40350]
   $2.98 [NTSC/SRD]
 Midnight Run  [40810]
   $6.98 [NTSC/SRD]
 Man Who Would Be King, The  [7435-80]
   $9.98 [NTSC/LBX/+CAV]
 Living Daylights, The  [ML102530]
   $13.98 [NTSC/LBX/SRD]
 Last Temptation of Christ, The  [40842]
   $6.98 [NTSC/P&S/SRD]
 Last Emperor, The  [77156]
   $4.98 [NTSC/P&S/SRD]
 Lady Sings the Blues  [LV8374-2]
   $6.98 [NTSC/P&S/ANA]
 Kind Hearts and Coronets/The Captain's Paradise  [ID6867HB]
   $12.98 [NTSC]
 Journey to the Center of the Earth  [1248-85]
   $9.98 [NTSC/LBX/SRD/+CAV]
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Work in Progress
Where to start?
Use LDDb online anytime to track down your Collection (with private notes) in any available format. Report "Laser Rot" on doubtful titles to warn others. 688,019 LDs in collections righ now!
Looking for rare titles? Setup your Wishlist and receive instant notification by Email when one of them is added to a User Shop. Currently 101,936 wishes set.
Want to free some shelf space and generate cash from your collection? Apply to become a Seller and (after your request has been approved) start selling at will using all LDDb past sales statistics and best offers from buyers to fine-tune your prices.
It was on my mind for a long time but phpBB was lacking the functions I needed to integrate it seamlessly. phpBB3 just made it right and I'm proud to offer to all existing LDDb users!
Did you know?

Adobe Flash is dead... Long live iCover 2.0! Faster, lighter and multi-format. Will be our covers browser until I can find something that works on mobile phones too.

[1978-2018] Our beloved Laserdiscs' technology was turning 40 for its commercial debut back in 1978 (Jaws on DiscoVision CAV). Happy birthday old friend!

A special update towards LDDb members with an active shop: the selling fees policy will updated from July 1st (2016). Please go and take a look at the revised section (in red) of the Selling FAQ.

Ever wondered which LDs starred your favorite actress/actor in a little known role? Now you can search the whole database based on persons instead of titles! Just give a try to the new "IMDb Open Search".

Introducing... the back side of the force. Now you can submit both front and back covers. When both are available, a pair of [BACK] and [FRONT] button will let you flip from one to the other easily.

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